Keep It Cozy This Fall!

Let’s face it -- sometimes, it’s nice to stay indoors once the weather starts getting nippy. When it’s dark, rainy, and cold, you’ll be glad you have some of your favorite cozy things by your side. Let us help you get as snug as a bug with these items.


Maryland Flag Blanket

Even if Maryland itself is chilly, you can stay warm on your couch, wrapped up in the flag, thanks to this blanket! 


2 Natty Boh Burgundy Gold Crew Socks

Nobody wants to have cold toes! These Natty Boh socks are a great way to keep your Maryland pride intact and not have to worry about freezing floors, either. 


Maryland Flag Crab Socks

Or stay cozy in these Maryland crab crew socks, which are sure to keep your feet happy -- after all, who could be sad when they’re wearing these colorful crabs?


Maryland Full Flag Crab Hoodie

Even if you’re not planning on leaving the house, a proper hoodie is essential. This one’s got the colors and the crabs you crave. 


Maryland Flag Sleeves Baseball Tee

Sure, baseball season is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this comfy baseball tee that has Maryland flag sleeves! Ideal for any day spent indoors by the fireplace. 


Old Bay Blanket

Is someone else hogging the blankets? Get the last laugh by ordering this Old Bay blanket for yourself. You’re never going to want to let it out of your sight!


Boh Calvert Black Leggings

No, you’re not heading to yoga class -- you’re staying right here in your house, but these bold Boh Calvert leggings are a great way to not have to wear pants at home. 


Baltimore Football Purple Crab Hoodie

Ready to watch football from the comfort of your own couch? This Baltimore football purple crab hoodie will keep you nice and snug well after the game ends.



9 National Bohemian Logo With Calvert Stripes Shirt

Go retro with your coziness -- try this National Bohemian logo long sleeved tee on for size. Order a size up for maximum slouchiness. 


10 Home is Where the Old Bay Is Long Sleeved Shirt

You’re happy staying cozy here at home, and home, after all, is where the Old Bay is! Stay comfy with a big hoodie that features your favorite local spice.


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