If The Zodiac Signs Were Made For Marylanders

Eva Niessner

If The Zodiac Signs Were Made For Marylanders

Do you read your horoscope every month? Many of us regularly check in to see what's going to happen in the coming week or month based on when we were born (and you can read your horoscope here on Route One's blog each month!). But we Marylanders might think that these signs aren't as Maryland-forward as they could be. What signs might make more sense for us? Well, here are our picks!


Aries: Old Bay

You're the sign that adds the perfect amount of spice to everyone's life! Is it any wonder that you're represented by Old Bay? And like the spice blend, people just can't get enough of you. 

Taurus: Thrasher's fries

There's nothing more comforting and familiar than the taste of the boardwalk fries that every Marylander knows and loves. That's a Taurus through and through! 

Gemini: Natty Boh

The life of the party with an instantly recognizable face -- Natty Boh and Gemini go together like peanut butter and jelly. You'd love to see yourself up in ads and on billboards!

Cancer: Crab

Listen, there's no need to change the perfect Maryland sign! Our only suggestion would be to steam it right up and serve it on a table covered in newspaper. 

Leo: Oriole bird

A bird that wears bright colors that are sure to attract attention? That sounds like a Leo to us! You're always Tweeting, singing, and fluttering from place to place. 

Virgo: Lacrosse stick

Your sign knows how to follow the rules but how to dish out some serious competitive energy -- and that's perfectly encapsulated by the lacrosse stick.

Libra: Assateague pony

You love hanging out with your friends, spending days by the beach, and enjoying attention from strangers. What could represent you more than the world-famous ponies of Assateague Island?

Scorpio: Jousting tournament

Maryland's state sport is grand and dangerous, and those are terms that describe you to a T! You'll have all eyes on you at the Renn Fest, and you can probably enjoy a good turkey leg, too.

Sagittarius: Maryland flag

Bold colors and an iconic sense of style make you the obvious choice for the flag! You're popular and maybe a bit divisive, but the people who love you would do anything for you. 

Capricorn: Raven

Enigmatic and a little bit goth, you'd be best represented by Poe's terrifying bird -- and you've got a desire to win and a brain for strategy that would make you perfect for football, too.

Aquarius: Terrapin

What would be better than sliding in a cool stream on a hot day? Aquarius, you'd love living life like a terrapin! You're imaginative and a lover of life, and when you come out of your shell, everyone wants to be your friend.

Pisces: Snowball

You're creative enough to make any flavor combo work, and you're as sweet as marshmallow fluff! So it makes perfect sense that you'd be represented by the classic summer treat. 

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