Here are 12 Fun Ways to Spend Memorial Day Weekend in MD

Memorial Day is coming up fast, Marylanders! Did it sneak up on you? Even if you don't have plans yet, there's no need to fear. We've got a dozen ideas for how you can spend this warm weekend at the end of May, Maryland style. Check out our suggestions below! 

1. Spend some time in a state park

There are so many state parks here in Maryland. It would be a great use of your time to put on your hiking shoes and sunscreen, head out the door, and find a local park to explore! You'll be awfully glad you spent some time in a gorgeous place that's right in your backyard. 

2. Honor a deceased veteran

Arlington National Cemetery is close by in Virginia, but there are other veteran's cemeteries here in Maryland to visit if you want to pay your respects to fallen soldiers this weekend. Antietam, Rocky Gap, and Annapolis are also home to cemeteries where veterans are laid to rest. Bring flowers or wreaths to show your respect.

3. Take a road trip

What's a place in Maryland that you've never visited before? If you can think of a destination, well, this weekend is the perfect place to hit it up. Maybe it's a tourist attraction, a restaurant, or a cool natural spot. No matter what it is, it deserves to be seen this weekend. 

4. Brush up on local history

Maryland is chock-full of history, especially military history. Baltimore, Antietam, Frederick, Cambridge...they're all full of incredible stories that are waiting to be discovered. Why not use this time to become more educated and knowledgeable about your own backyard?

5. Visit the zoo

Go wild this weekend! The Maryland Zoo is open all weekend, and if you want to go out and have some fun, a huge variety of critters are waiting to meet you. Brew at the Zoo will be going on during the 28th and 29th, too! 

6. Grab a local ice cream cone or snowball 

Maryland is full of specialty, local ice cream spots, and they aren't just in the big cities, either! Delicious flavors can be found everywhere. Want something a little more local? Grab a snow cone with marshmallow dolloped on top for a true Maryland experience. 

7. Spend money locally

There are bound to be endless sales for Memorial Day, but why not keep your money right here in your local community? Instead of shopping big brands, give someone who lives and works here in Maryland a chance to make a sale. 

8. Have a picnic

Warm, sunny May days are ideal for a picnic with friends and family! Pick up some fruit, some sandwiches, and some Utz chips, grab a blanket, and head outdoors to enjoy some tasty treats. Don't forget the cooler

9. Browse a local museum

Maryland has no shortage of museums -- art, history, sports, you name it, there's a museum here in the Old Line State dedicated to it. Treat your brain to something special and spend the weekend at a museum, seeing beautiful or inspiring things! 

10. Get out in the water

From the ocean to the lakes to the rivers, Maryland has a huge variety of swimming destinations! Soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy the traditional start to the swimming season -- we've got plenty of swimsuits for you to choose from if you need a new set. 

11. Eat some tasty crabs

Crab season is under way, and Memorial Day is a great time to grab a bushel of those tasty crustaceans! If you're not hosting or attending a party or cookout, you can still treat yourself to a soft shell crab sandwich or a tasty tub of crab dip with nachos or pretzels. 

12. Get your hands dirty

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, it's a perfect time to get gardening. Spend some time outdoors and plant veggies, fruits, flowers, or shrubs. Even if you're short on space, it's pretty rewarding to grow planter box herbs and pots of flowers on your porch! 


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