Heading Back To College? Don't Forget These 5 Things!

Summer has been a lot of fun, but nothing lasts forever -- and besides, aren't you excited to head back to campus? Okay, sure, you may not be that pumped to get up for those 8 am classes, but we bet you're looking forward to seeing your friends, heading to parties, meeting new people and scoring some internships or job offers. And if you haven't started you back-to-college shopping, now is the time!

So what do you actually need to remember? Well, we've got a few ideas!

1. Maryland Flag Mug


If you do end up in one of those dreaded early-morning classes, getting your caffeine in the morning is going to be essential. Invest in a Keurig or an old-school coffeepot and take some time to brew yourself a coffee or tea to your own exact specifications instead of paying Starbucks to do it for you. Most dorms allow coffeemakers, but check with yours to make sure! And you're drinking from our Maryland flag mug while you're at it.

2. Quilted Maryland Flag Cosmetic Bag


Whether you're getting ready for a Greek formal or you just want to catch the eye of that cutie who sits next to you in your biology class, you're going to need a good makeup bag to hold your stuff! Tuck away all the foundations, mascaras, eyeshadows and blotting papers that you need to survive the weekend (or the week) in this brightly-colored Maryland flag bag. Trust us, everyone is going to want to know where they can get their own!

3. Natty Boh Logo Purple Lanyard


You don't want to lose your room key. You really, really don't want to lose your student ID. Whether you're a freshman who's nervous about keeping track of all of your stuff or a senior who's just too lazy to care anymore, one of our lanyards -- we're partial to this purple Natty Boh one -- is going to save your skin about a million times this semester. You can thank us later.

4. Maryland in Maryland Black Zip Hoodie


Hoodies are kind of magical. They're warm and snuggly, and they're ideal for throwing on when you're rushing to class or just heading across campus for a sandwich and you don't want to get all dressed up. We've got a lot of hoodies to choose from, but this Maryland in Maryland zip hoodie is a great way to show off your state pride while wearing something that's not pajamas to class. And can you have too many of them? We don't think so!

5. Black Maryland Flag Knit Beanie Cap

You're probably not thinking about the cold weather right now, since it's a million degrees out in Maryland at the moment. But trust us, once fall and winter hit, you're going to be glad you have a good hat as you run to class in the rain and snow! This classic knit beanie has a Maryland-inspired twist -- the flag pattern that goes around the base makes it extra-cool. 



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