Hats Off To Maryland!

We just love baseball and trucker hats here at Route One Apparel. They're versatile, stylish, and also a great way to hide the fact you haven't brushed your hair for weeks (no judgment, y'all). And we've got plenty of new hats for you this summer -- check them out right here.

1. Summer Vibes Hat

What goes with summer than a pair of Maryland flag shades? The only answer is this hat, clearly! Keep the sun out of your eyes and the summer vibes going all year long.

2. Maryland Flag Rockfish Hat

If you're planning on reeling in a big one this year, this is the cap for you! Too bad real rockfish don't sport this Maryland flag design -- now that would be a trophy worth mounting on the wall!

3. Rainbow Snowball Hat

Cold and flavorful, a snowball is the perfect treat for a scorching hot Maryland day. Now you can celebrate this Free State specialty with a hat that's as just as sweet! Think of this accessory as the marshmallow topping for your outfit. 

4. Old Bay Can Hat

You know what we say -- Old Bay all day! Keep your favorite seasoning front and center when you're wearing a hat that would make any Marylander proud. 

5. Salty Hat

These days, 'salty' gets a bad rap -- but we mean salty in the best possible way. We're talking days spent in the ocean, with a cool breeze blowing and the promise of steamed crabs for dinner! This hat captures that feeling perfectly. 


6. Natty Boh Football Hat

Football season will be here before you know it! And nobody is more excited than Baltimore's own National Bohemian mascot. Well, except maybe for you. 


7. Dog Mom Hat

If you're constantly posting pics of your pup on Instagram, this is the hat for you! After all, what proud dog mom wouldn't want to let everyone know? 

8. Maryland Flag Butterfly Hat

The great outdoors is calling! Keep the sun out of your eyes as you go searching for native butterflies with this great hat featuring a butterfly that we really wish existed. 


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