Gifts For Everybody (Yes, Everybody) In Your Family

Friends are easy to shop for. You usually bond with someone over common interests, and common interests make it simple to find things that your buddy or bestie will love. But what about the people in your family? You're bound by blood, not your shared obsession over Beyonce. And shopping for them can be tough. If they're Marylanders, though, we've got your whole list covered. Here's what to get all those hard-to-shop-for family members:

For Mom: Crab Earrings

When in doubt, go with jewelry -- particularly jewelry that will let her show off her Maryland pride! These subtle yet unique studs are the perfect addition to her jewelry box, and her friends and coworkers are going to have so many nice things to say about them.  

For Dad: Here For The Crabs and Beer Shirt

In the words of Ron Swanson, Dad knows what he's about, son (or daughter). And for a Maryland dad, that's crabs and beer -- what could be better? Give him the perfect thing to wear to the next cookout or crab feast this year.


For the wine aunt: Koozie With Strap

Your aunt's been running all over the place, getting presents wrapped and packages mailed -- not to mention all the vacuuming and cookie baking! It's time for her to unwind with a nice glass of red, and with this handy koozie, it'll always be on hand. 

For the grouchy grandpa: Poe Santa Sweatshirt

Oh, gramps -- no need to act like a midnight dreary! You'll put a smile on even the crankiest grandpa's face when he unwraps this warm, cozy and funny crew sweatshirt. He'll be disappointed in the season nevermore now that he's got something like this.  

For the grandma who's been stylish for decades: Scarf

She's been the picture of elegance since the Eisenhower administration -- who says you've gotta be young to look good? Not this grandma! Cater to her eye for style by giving her a scarf that'll keep her warm and look striking with her peacoat. 


For the doctor/lawyer cousin who's going places: Old Bay Bow Tie

Your cousin's long years spent in law or med school are paying off, and they're about to get that big kid job -- or maybe already have! Set aside your jealousy that they're the golden child of the family for just a minute and get them a cool, congratulatory gift that will serve them well in a professional setting. 

For the jokester uncle: Bo Ho Ho V.2 Sweatshirt

Every family's got that funny one -- the one who cracks you up every time you come to a family event! Your jokester uncle ought to get a gift that reflects his goofy good cheer, and we can't think of a better present than our Boh Ho Ho v2. sweatshirt. 

For the cousin who lives far away: Luggage Tag and Strap

Traveling can test even the most patient among us -- especially around the holidays. If your cousin has to face the holiday crowds as they travel into Maryland, you might as well help make that experience a little nicer. Our luggage tags and straps will make getting out of the baggage claim a million times faster!  

For the uncle who lives on island time: Crabaritaville Shirt

There's probably one uncle who came up from sunny Florida to spend Christmas in chilly Maryland with everyone else in the family. He probably doesn't need another Jimmy Buffett shirt -- this one's much better! It's a reminder of just where he came from while not cramping his whole beach bum style. He's going to love it!

For your favorite niece or nephew: MD Youth Shirt

You're never too young to start wearing your state pride! Get the kids started early by gifting them some of our youth shirts. (Their parents are going to love taking pics of their adorable little ones in these!) Click the link to browse.

What's your favorite R1A you've gotten from or given to your family? Let us know on social media!


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