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Get active this year! 10 pieces that will completely transform your fitness routine

Eva Niessner

Get active this year! 10 pieces that will completely transform your fitness routine

If you're like many people, you made a resolution this year that you'd get into shape. That could mean many different things, from gaining muscle to losing weight to building endurance! But no matter what your fitness goals are for the year, you're going to need some activewear. And Route One Apparel has your back! Here are a few items we recommend:

Large Maryland Flag Crab Black Headband

Keep that pesky hair (and sweat!) out of your face while you're conquering that cycling class or new yoga pose, thanks to this cute headband.

Maryland Flag Greyscale Hoodie

Going for a run on a dark winter's morning is a lot more appealing when you're wearing a hoodie that's as fashionable as it is functional! 

Maryland Sport Burgundy Shirt

Everyone needs a go-to shirt to wear to the gym! This sporty burgundy tee keeps things interesting, thanks to the dual Maryland flag stripes.

Maryland Flag Lacrosse Pinnie

Whether you're about to kick butt in a lacrosse game or you want to look your best at the gym, this pinnie is the perfect choice. 

Maryland Flag Outline Sports Bra

A little support goes a long way, especially at the gym. This sports bra is great for even your fastest runs or your most intense kickboxing classes.

Natty Boh Logo Red Sides Yoga Leggings

Add Natty Boh to your flow! Yoga experts and novices alike will love wearing these fun and functional leggings to yoga class. 

Maryland Full Flag Stretch Shorts

Whether you're biking, running, or trying out a new weight machine, you'll feel bold and ready to take on any challenge in these colorful flag shorts! 

Men's Maryland Flag Running Shorts 

Make your run fun, thanks to these shorts! Even if you're not an experienced runner, you'll know you look great and you're on your way to improvement, thanks to these bad boys. 

Athleisure Essentials (Female) Bundle

Thanks to this bundle, ladies, you'll have everything you need to nail all your fitness goals for this year and beyond! Includes leggings, a duffel bag, a yoga mat, hair ties, and a headband.

Athleisure Essentials (Male) Bundle

And we didn't forget about the gents! Crush those goals of your own -- this bundle is here to help you make it happen. Includes a baseball hat, a tumbler, a duffel bag and gym shorts.

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