12 Reasons Why Football Season In Maryland Is The Best

Summer is soon coming to a close and as sad as that may seem, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Football season beckons and there is no doubt that NOBODY does football like Maryland. We at Route One Apparel are excited, and you should be too. Here are 12 reasons why football season in Maryland is the best.

1. Nobody does tailgating like Marylanders...

Flickr / Austin Kirk

2. Which is also a good excuse to drink Natty Boh in mass quantities.


Flickr / ehpien

3. Witnessing the beauty of M&T Bank Stadium.

Flickr / TruffShuff

4. And feeling the electricity in the air when the stadium is packed full of fans.

Flickr / Bob Marquart

5. Knowing that the national anthem was created in Maryland, so you have an extra sense of pride.

Flickr / Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office

6. Getting acquainted with other fans. You may not know each other but you have one thing in common... WINNING.

Flickr / David Robert Crews

7. Having fun teasing your rivals. Let's keep it civil, guys.

Flickr / David Clow

8. The crisp chill of autumn in Maryland. You have been waiting ALL YEAR for this.

Flickr / David Robert Crews

9. Stocking up on your favorite Football Sunday treats.

Flickr / justgrimes

10. Dressing like this is acceptable.

Flickr / David Robert Crews

11. This sport is for the birds... but we're okay with that.

Flickr / Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office

12. And finally, knowing that Purple Friday has never looked so good.

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  • Lisa Adams says...

    I ? Luv!! Route One Apparel!!! MD Pride baby!!

    On August 30, 2016


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