Don't Wait Until The Last Minute To Get A Valentine's Gift!

There are plenty of things that it's okay to leave until the last minute, but buying a Valentine's Day gift for your ladyfriend is definitely not one of them. Instead of scrambling to get the last box of chocolate at the grocery store on February 13, why not put in your order NOW? Then, you can sit back and relax, knowing you've gotten something amazing for your girlfriend from Route One Apparel. Not sure where to start? Let us help! 

The typical Valentine's gift is jewelry, and many ladies love when their partners go the traditional route! A Maryland in My Heart necklace is ideal for anyone who's looking for a romantic gift that's not easily found at just any store. Maryland's in her heart -- and so are you!

She might want a different piece of unique jewelry that shows everyone how much she loves being a Marylander -- like this sweet sterling silver crab pendant bracelet! The beauty of this piece is that she can instantly add a touch of her Maryland pride to anything she wears. 

If your lady is always on the go, she's going to need a backpack to match her adventurous spirit! (And a backpack is perfect for packing with other goodies, like her favorite candy, Berger cookies or trail mix.) This crab and Black-Eyed Susan Pennington backpack is just the thing for the girlfriend with wanderlust.

Of course, your gal may be more of a purse lover than a backpacker. No problem -- we've got plenty of those too! This quilted tote is perfect for storing everything from hairbrushes to art supplies to books, so no matter what her hobbies are, she'll have a place to stow her things. Stuff a teddy bear inside, and you've got a perfect gift!

Maybe your girlfriend is a major makeup lover, and you want to do something a step above just getting her a Sephora giftcard. We're on it! Our quilted cosmetic bag will hold all of her favorite brushes and shades, and show off her Maryland pride, too. Just put that giftcard you got inside and you'll have a gift that any makeup buff will go wild for! 

Finally, we know it's pretty darn common for your hoodies to go missing -- and for them to turn up in your girlfriend's room. Get her a Route One hoodie of her own and spritz it with your go-to scent so she won't have to steal the ones that are keeping you warm! (Don't worry -- we promise these are super cozy! She won't look twice at yours once you give her this gift.)



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