Creepy Maryland: Civil War Ghosts

Maryland is a history lover's dream. It was one of the original thirteen colonies, and many historic battles and events have taken place here, especially during the Civil War. And as with any place with that much history, there are bound to be plenty of ghosts. So if you and your friends are looking for a place to visit where you can learn about Maryland's role in history -- and see a few ghosts while you're at it -- there are many places you can go.

First stop? Antietam. It's home to the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, and there are many locations in and around the town of Sharpsburg that are supposedly haunted by the ghosts of the fallen soldiers. You can walk the Bloody Lane for yourself, where men were killed in huge numbers -- and where visitors have reported hearing gunfire and smelling gunpowder. Or see the nearby Burnside Bridge, where people have seen and even taken pictures of strange blue orbs of light. 

Antietam Battlefield, from

The St. Paul's Episcopal Church in the center of Sharpsburg is supposed to be haunted, too. It served as a Confederate field hospital after the Battle of Antietam. Go see it for yourself -- if you dare! People have reported hearing the screams of soldiers, and seeing the mysterious flickers of a light in the church tower, even when nobody is there. Pretty creepy stuff!

The Pry House in Keedysville was abruptly turned into a field hospital after the Battle of Antietam (before that, it was literally just a home, but its proximity to the battle meant that it was ripe for the taking). It stands on what became the battlefield, and -- you guessed it -- people have reported paranormal experiences while visiting it. Guests see apparitions and hear footsteps on the stairs, and contractors have even been scared away

The Pry House, from

Of course, you don't have to go to Antietam to get a great Civil War ghost experience, and maybe even a picture of an orb or two! Point Lookout, located where the Potomac River meets the Chesapeake Bay, was home to a prison camp designed to keep Confederate prisoners of war. Though the Confederates tried several times to break the prisoners free, no attempts were successful -- and some of those soldiers may still be there, to this day. Modern park rangers have even kept logs of ghost sightings!

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter in any of these places? We'd love to hear about it on social media! 



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