10 Reasons Autumn In Maryland Is The Best

While many Marylanders look forward to summer all year long, there are also a vast majority who prefer autumn. There's so much to look forward to this time of year, and the following list just scratches the surface.

1. Getting the obvious out of the way, fall foliage is just gorgeous.

Flickr / Mark Peters

The entirety of Maryland becomes one big vibrant ball of beautiful.

2. Which also means scenic train rides through Mountain Maryland.

Flickr / Greg Loesch

Both the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and Walkersville Southern Railroad are worth checking out.

3. It's pumpkin patch season.

Flickr / Dustin

So many pumpkin patches, so little time.

4. Can you say Oktoberfest?

Flickr / Kevin Harber

Any excuse to drink more brew is fine with us. Check out Das Best Oktoberfest at the National Harbor and Baltimore.

5. Halloween in Maryland. Nuff said.

Flickr / Clinton Steeds

We give these creative costumes two claws up.

6. Maryland Blue Crabs are larger and heaver.

Flickr / rob_rob2001

It's true! Check out our previous blog post about this tasty phenomenon.

7. Two words: FOOTBALL SEASON.

Flickr / Aberdeen Proving Ground

::Sniff:: It's finally here.

8. There's a slight chill in the air that feels oh so magical.

Flickr / Nicolas Raymond

The air is crisp but not freezing.

9. Which means it's finally hoodie season.

Flickr / Dustin Moore

And jeans, boots, scarves, hats, etc...

10. So you can finally whip out your Route One sweatshirt. 

Or purchase one HERE!!!



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