5 Reasons Eating Crabs Is Best During Autumn

With school back in session and the end of summer approaching, most people assume that crab season is also over. Well, we're here to break it to you that crab eating is actually best during Autumn. Here's why...

1. Crabs are more plump during Autumn.

Flickr / Jesus Rodriguez

They've had all summer to grow into giant, sinfully succulent morsels.

2. They're also cheaper.

Flickr / 401(K) 2012

There's less of a demand for crabs in restaurants during fall, so prices tend to drop.

3. Feasting outside during early Autumn is perfectly pleasant.

Flickr / Maryland GovPics

No longer do you have to be drenched in sweat while chowing down.

4. And your favorite seafood restaurants are less crowded.

Flickr / Michael Coghlan

The only person bothered by your sloppy crab mallet skills, will be the waiter.

5. There's no better way to cool off your firey mouth than with pumpkin pie.

Flickr / Elaine Ashton

Just trust me on this one.


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  • Ed OConnor says...

    Is that ex- Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in the red shirt eating crabs?

    On September 12, 2016


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