9 Things To Keep You Cozy Until Spring

 The holidays may be done, but the Maryland winter sure isn't! We still have a few more weeks of chilly weather ahead of us before spring decides to come back around. However, you don't have to be cold! We've got plenty of products that will help you stay cozy and warm all winter long. Here are a few of our picks. 


Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix

Is there any comfort food more cozy than apple cinnamon pancakes? Skip the delivery app and make your own brunch from scratch -- perfect for cold and windy mornings. 

Caramel Popcorn Candle

Taking a bath or unwinding in your TV room is even better when you have a cozy candle! This caramel popcorn is the perfect little reminder of summer days on the boardwalk, no travel required. 

Old Bay Blanket

A cozy day or night in isn't the same without a warm and cuddly blanket! Whether you use it on the couch or in bed, you'll feel wonderful when you're wrapped in this colorful throw that features every Marylander's favorite spice. 

Happiness is A State of Mind Mug

Tea or hot cocoa is even better when it's from a mug that's all about happiness! And the happiest state to be in? Maryland, obviously. We encourage you to add a little whipped cream to the cocoa for extra flair.

Stacked Old Bay Seasoning Text Sweatshirt

A cozy day isn't complete without a good sweatshirt! This will keep you warm even if you have to run out on a few errands before you unwind for the day. Pairs perfectly with a cup of cream of crab soup!

Utz Girl Logo Socks

You don't want your feet to get cold, do you? Of course not! Slip on these cute Utz socks to show off your Maryland pride and to prevent your toes from freezing. 

Seafood, Mallet and Old Bay Beer Glass

Whether you fill up this glass with your favorite local brew or with some tasty chocolate milk, your beverage will just taste better out of this crab feast-themed glass! After all, a cozy day isn't complete without a nice drink. 

I Love Hot Crabs Hoodie

A little humor is a great addition to your cozy day! This hot crabs hoodie is sure to keep you warm, too. The front pocket is a great place to store your gloves, your snacks, or anything else you'd like.

Starry Night Tea

A scrumptious cup of tea is a must for any cozy day, especially tea that comes from a local company! Indulge in the sweet flavors of the Starry Night tea -- a perfect companion for some dessert and some TV show marathons. 


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