Street Team Spotlight: Gabby Arguello

Its time again for another Street Team Spotlight! This week we are spotlighting Gabby Arguello, Route One Apparel's Blogger and Event Planner! Get to know her!

Name:  Gabby Arguello

Hometown: San Mateo, California

Any nicknames? Gabs, Gab, Brazil, Taquito, Baby/Dino Hands

Major and Year: Senior, Professional Contexts in Global Spanish Speaking Communities

School: University of Maryland

What do you do besides Route One? I work as a student assistant for the Institute for Physical Sciences & Technology. I was a Sephora USA intern at their Corporate Office the Summer of 2011 in San Francisco. And I also write a fashion blog called , Check it out!

Most extreme thing you have done?  White water rafting, I go almost every summer, I am kind of addicted to the adrenaline rush!

Life Philosophy? If you look good, you feel good. (In regards to fashion). On a more serious note though, everything happens for a reason, if everything were perfect, life wouldn't be interesting.

Funniest thing that happens to you while out? Well, people literally love to lift me and pick me up in the air, because I am a tiny human. It happens all the time, I feel like Simba.

Favorite University of Maryland bar? Santa Fe was my go to spot when it was open, but once that closed I became a Bents girl.

Place you want to visit? Thailand and Spain. Thailand because of the food and tropical location, and Spain because its going back to my ethnic roots!

If you could be any animal what would you be? A black leopard or jaguar, so basically a panther; they are so exotic and mysterious, they are my spirit animal haha

What can't you go a day without? Starbucks, coffee and tea are the essence of life for me.

Do you have any guilty pleasures in regards to reality television?:  Real Housewives of Miami & New Jersey. I love Andy Cohen!

Celebrity crush? James Franco, intellectual and a California boy.

How would your friends describe you? An energetic social butterfly, they always lose me when they go out because I am always talking to everyone!

Where would we most likely find you on the weekend? Probably Salsa-ing the night away to Pitbull (kinda in love with him) at Bents, or some other CP bar.

Favorite moment in R1:  There have been so many, I feel so blessed to be a part of Route One, and getting to meet celebrities is a plus. But I would say my fave would be our first event in DC, when we managed to get into LMFAO's VIP area. That is a night I will never forget!

Want to know even more about Gabby? Follow her on Twitter @gabbyarguello !

Be on the look out for our next installment of Street Team Spotlight!

We love our Street Team and so should you!

-Route One Apparel


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