7 Maryland Weekend Trip Ideas

We'd all like to take a nice long vacation, but that's not always in the cards. Luckily, Maryland has plenty to offer -- and none of it is too far away. Why not plan a day or weekend trip with your friends or significant other? Save the PTO and try one of these quick trips instead.


1. Take in the harbor classics

There's a reason that those Inner Harbor classics are so, well, classic! Heading to the Inner Harbor for a visit to the aquarium or a concert is always fun. There are plenty of places to eat, from the iconic to the hole-in-the-wall, and you can splurge on a fancy hotel room overlooking the water if you really want to live large! 

2. Share a toast at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Beer lovers can enjoy an Irish brew right here in Maryland, thanks to the recently-opened Guinness Open Gate brewery! Go all in and enjoy a tour of the facility, and learn about the history of this famous beer -- and don't forget to enjoy some local food while you're at it. 

3. Visit the famous Assateague ponies

Camping and nature viewing is even better at Assateague! If you've never seen the famous ponies, a weekend trip could be a great time to watch them wander along their beachfront home. Don't feel like camping after you spend the day in nature? Instead of roughing it, you can spend the night in an OC hotel instead. 

4. See if you can catch some battlefield ghosts

Maryland is home to many Civil War battlefields, and who knows if the souls of those soldiers who perished there still remain? Ghost photography is a great way to test your bravery, but even if you don't actually get any shots of orbs, you can still learn a bit about the state's history. 

5. Go in search of the perfect bite

Who makes the best pizza in Maryland? Who has the best donuts or the best ice cream? This little state has some serious contenders for amazing foods, and taking a road trip across the state to try out your favorite foods could be a great way to discover some new restaurants that are worth the drive!

6. Enjoy some fresh, soothing lavender

Did you know just near Deep Creek Lake, Maryland has its own lavender farm? Lavender season is coming right up, and that means you can indulge in everything from candles to bath bombs. It's not enough to just imagine it --you need to experience for yourself! Take a weekend to enjoy the sights of western MD while you're at it. 

7. Be a kid again on the boardwalk

Ocean City's boardwalk is perfect for the kid at heart! Why not take the opportunity to play some arcade games, ride some rides, and eat childhood favorites like cotton candy and funnel cake? Relive your fondest vacation memories, with the benefit of having your own money to spend!


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