"Jenna Marbles" wears White Girl Wasted shirt in a video

Jenna Marbles loves Route One Apparel. 

Jenna Mourey, otherwise known as her social media stage name Jenna Marbles, was in DC this February to host a club party, co-sponsored by us.  Jenna is just a few years out of college and, as many of you know, known for her comedic vlogs through the social media platform YouTube.

Jenna Marbles with some Route One Apparel street team employees.

Jenna, once a blogger for Stool La La (part of Barstool Sports blog), gained fame with her YouTube video "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking", which has over 42 million views as of June 2012.  She manages a vlog channel through that platform and as of June 2012 has over 3.5 million subscribers and over 556 million page views.

She just expected to have a good time.  But when we surprised her with this shirt, she was ecstatic.  

That was enough to make us happy.  I mean, she is our idol.  Every Wednesday night a lot of the street team gets together and watches her next video.  

About two weeks after the event, she posted her next weekly video, entitled "Things Boy's Don't Understand".  Within just a few days that YouTube video had over 5 MILLION views.  Today, as we post this blog post, it has over 10 million.

Jenna Marbles loves getting White Girl Wasted.

Thank you, Jenna, for supporting an entrepreneurial company started by college kids!

Feel free to watch her video below:

  • Karen says...

    Where can I get one of these shirts?

    On April 17, 2014


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