5 Ways to safely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon! But COVID has thrown a wrench in the plans for parties and bar crawls. Are there still fun things to do this year, even while we're all staying safe? Yes! Try out some of these alternatives that are socially distant but still enjoyable. 

1. Enjoy the greenery of Maryland

There's a reason that Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isles -- it's incredibly green! But Maryland has some pretty gorgeous views and green places, too. Now that spring is springing, you can go for a drive through the countryside, or enjoy a picnic in a state park if the weather is warm enough (let's be real, the weather's always a bit of gamble in Maryland, and in Ireland too!). You can even bring the green into your own space by stopping by a local nursery and picking up something to bring home.

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2. Try your hand at a traditional recipe

During normal years, it would be common to go out for corned beef and cabbage or other classic Irish-American meals. But if you're limiting your time out and if the local restaurants aren't offering the same eat-in options, you can try making it yourself. If you've got a slow cooker, you can try this corned beef and cabbage recipe! Or if you want to try something easier, take a stab at some Irish soda bread -- recipe here

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3. Host a virtual party

Who says you can't have a party for St. Pat's? A virtual party is a great way to get people together for some festivities without spreading germs, and you don't have have to take off your pajama pants to host or attend. Try out some trivia questions or get everyone on the same video game -- you might even forget you're not hanging out in person. 

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4. Pick up craft beer from a local brewery

Local businesses still need our help! And picking up some brews from your favorite local brewery is a win-win. They get some business to stay afloat, and you get your favorite drinks to celebrate the holiday. Why not be adventurous and try something new? Let the employees recommend a good Irish stout or ale for you while you're at it. 

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5. Dress up in your best green for a selfie

Don't own any green clothes or masks? Uh-oh. You're in danger of getting pinched! Luckily, you can avoid that fate, look your best, and celebrate the holiday with some of the items in our St. Patrick's Day collection! You deserve to throw a few cute selfies on your Instagram feed. We have a feeling our clothes will give you good luck. 


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