5 Ways to Prep For Fall (With Route One Apparel)

It's been a really great summer, hasn't it? Hopefully by now, you've made your pilgrimage to the beach, gone swimming with your new Route One swimsuit in tow, and eaten plenty of crabs! Now, though, it's time to get ready for a new season. Fall is just around the corner, and we have plenty of stuff that can help you prepare! Check out what we've got:

Pumpkin Spice Candle


Fall and pumpkin spice make the perfect pair! Instead of buying a pumpkin spice latte every day, enjoy the autumnal aroma all season long with a scented candle for your home.Sit it on the edge of the bathtub to give your next bubble bath the feeling of a spa, or put it in your living room next time you have guest over to make the whole home smell nicer. 

Baltimore Icon Purple and Orange Shirt


For many Marylanders, the most exciting thing about fall is the return of football! We know that you want to show off how much you back the birds, and this shirt is the perfect way to do it. Whether you wear it to the stadium or to your favorite sports bar on game day, everyone is going to know how much you support your Baltimore teams. Though of course, if you're heading to the football stadium on a crisp, chilly fall day, this isn't going to be enough. You'll need something like...

Football Purple Crab Hoodie


Whether you're watching football or outside playing a touch game with your friends, you don't want to get too chilly! This hoodie is the best way to keep your purple pride on display this fall while staying warm and toasty. If you're headed to a bonfire or a pumpkin patch, this is the item of clothing you've seriously got to have.

Maryland Flag Blanket


Speaking of bonfires, a good blanket is a must on those autumn nights spent outdoors! We've got you covered (yes, literally!). Soft and large, it's perfect for indoor use, too, especially if you don't want to crank up the heat in your house once the weather starts to get cool. Or maybe you just want your bed or couch to look a little more stylish -- hey, this thing pulls double duty. 

Maryland Full Flag Crab Pint Glass


Fall is the perfect time for trying new beverages. From craft brews to apple cider, there are plenty of things to put in your new pint glass -- but first, you're going to need a pint glass to put it in! We've got a plenty of those to choose from, but there's no going wrong with a classic design, like this Maryland flag crab. Collect enough of these, and you can hold your very own Oktoberfest this fall! 


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