5 Things You Didn't Know About UTZ Chips


1. They've been around for 99 years

Yep, that's right! Bill and Salie Utz started the business in 1921, and they originally made the potato chips in their own home -- 50 pounds of chips per hour, according to the official Utz website! Of course, the brand got wildly popular, and they've long moved out of the summer kitchen. Next year, you'll be able to say your favorite brand of chips is a century old! 

2. Their roots are in PA

Even though they're a Baltimore staple, the brand did start a bit further north. Hanover, PA is the original home of the Utz chip. However, Baltimore has been a big market for Utz from the early days onward. No wonder Charm City is so commonly associated with Utz! 

3. Utz sells a lot of other brands

Zapp's New Orleans kettle chips, Snyder of Berlin, and even TGI Friday's potato skin chips all fall under the Utz umbrella. So no matter what flavor you wanna savor, you can find something to crunch on anywhere Utz brands are sold. 

4. The mascot's name is Salie

Did you know that 'the little Utz girl' had a name? Like the woman who helped create the brand, she's called Salie. You've probably seen her all over the packaging, on billboards (like the iconic Smyth billboard that also featured the Natty Boh man), and on our products, too. 

5. You can take a tour (once things are a little safer)

The tours are currently closed to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, but once things are safer, you can go see the chips get made in Hanover for yourself. The best part? You get to eat free samples when you're done. 

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