5 Places to Take Your New Old Bay Coolers This Fall

1 To the picnic table

The days are getting colder, yes, but a perfectly crisp fall day is ideal for a picnic! No mosquitos to bother you, and no blazing sun to make you feel like you’re melting. Pack up some cheese, fresh apples, and cold cuts to create a  charcuterie all your own. 

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2 To the tailgate

Time to celebrate your team! Thanks to these coolers, you’ll be able to haul those cold drinks like a champ. And the real winner is the person who’s got the brews on hand, so you can taste sweet victory even if your favorite player totally fumbles. 

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3 To the kid’s game

The capri suns won’t haul themselves to the kiddo’s peewee football games! Luckily, you’ll have the coolest cooler of all of the parents there, and it’s all thanks to the power of Old Bay. Man, is there anything this spice can’t do?


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4 To the birthday party

Got a friend celebrating a big day? Haul everything from cupcakes to wine in our coolers -- or, you know, if they’re a true Marylander, they’ll want some crabcakes for their birthday instead. We can’t exactly blame them. 


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5 To Thanksgiving 

Heading across the state to see relatives for Thanksgiving? You’re not going anywhere without those delicious recipes that everyone is hoping you’ll bring, and our coolers are the perfect way to store your pre-made dishes. We call dibs on the pumpkin pie.


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