5 Native Maryland Plants to Grow This Year

Want your garden to look its best this spring and summer? One of the best things you can do is plant native flowers, shrubs, and herbs! They'll attract the pollinators that call Maryland home, and they're already perfectly adapted for life here in the Old Line State. Lucky for us, we've got some really gorgeous options when it comes to native plant life! Here are a few choices.


Black-eyed Susan
We couldn't leave the Maryland state flower off this list! Yes, they're native to our neck of the woods, making them a great choice for Maryland gardeners. Bees and other pollinators will be drawn to them, and they'll add a pop of bright yellow to your yard's color scheme. They come in many varieties, and they'll bloom all summer long (June to September). 
White oak
Maryland's state tree is a gorgeous one -- the white oak is perfect for adding shade to your yard! These oaks can get big. In fact, the Maryland Wye Oak was the biggest white oak in the USA until it was felled during a storm twenty years ago. Of course, even if yours doesn't get quite as large, you can still enjoy a gorgeous tree that Marylanders are proud of.
Paw paw
Have you ever heard of the paw paw fruit? Despite the fact it's native to our area, many people have never tried this fruit, which is the largest native to North America. Add some local pride to your yard with this tree, which is lovely even if you're not after the fruit. They like full sun and should be protected from heavy winds.  
Butterfly milkweed
Want to ensure butterflies and bees make a stop at your yard? Planting the native butterfly milkweed will attract Monarch butterflies, among others! The gorgeous orange blooms will also add color and excitement to your landscaping -- talk about a win-win for both humans and nature 
Sweetbay magnolia
Want to really wow your visitors when they come by on a warm summer day? Say hello to the sweetbay magnolia, which produces gorgeous, cream-colored flowers that have a gentle scent. They like full and partial sun, and will add something special to your patio area or outdoor living space. 


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