5 Fall Bonfire Must-Haves

With the arrival of fall, there's so much to look forward to! We're talking Halloween, crispy red leaves, Oktoberfest, and so much more. But one of the best things about fall here in Maryland is the arrival of bonfire season. Grab your friends, grab some marshmallows, and check out our favorite bonfire items below! 


Old Bay Seasoning Plates Blanket

What's cozier than wrapping up in a warm blanket by the fireside? Soak up all of the goodness fall has to offer and bring this Old Bay blanket to your bonfire, and share with someone special -- or just keep at that coziness for yourself.


Hon Life Flamingo Boa Tumbler

Staying hydrated is key! Don't forget to sip on something while you're eating those roasted hot dogs and s'mores by the fire. This sturdy tumbler is great for hanging out outdoors, and is bright and bold enough to be spotted even by firelight.


Maryland Flag Orange Monochrome Hoodie


Hoodie weather is approaching fast! If you're thinking about having a bonfire, it's time to get a new favorite hoodie, too. This bright orange Maryland flag hoodie is perfect for those crisp, cold evenings.


Utz Soft Cooler

Bringing snacks and drinks to the bonfire party? You'll need a soft, easy-to-carry cooler like this one, which is adorned with the classic Utz logo. Whether you're bringing chips, chocolate, or a brew or two, you'll be glad you have this on hand.


The Big Book of Maryland Ghost Stories

What's a night spent around a roaring bonfire without a good ghost story or two? You can chill everyone's blood with these tales that are extra creepy because they're local -- maybe they happened in the very town where you live! 



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