5 Camping Essentials From Route One Apparel

The end of summer and the beginning of fall are the best times to go camping here in Maryland. For such a small state, we've got some really amazing hiking trails and campsites, and it'd be a shame to not take advantage of them! Whether you're planning on truly roughing it or you'd prefer to go glamping, we've got a few essentials that you'll need to bring along.


Maryland Flag Camel Back

Planning to hit the tops of some mountains or walk along the edge of a few rivers? You're not going to get far if you're not properly hydrated! Our Maryland flag patterned camel back is the perfect tool for holding your water bottle as you make the day's trek. All you need to do is provide the bottle, and you'll be ready to beat the heat as you go.


Maryland Flag Trucker Hat

Keep the sun out of your eyes and the dirt out of your hair when you're on the trail with a good hat! We sell quite a few of them, but this one's got the classic look. The bright colors will make you easy to spot, and you'll be glad that you've got a little bit of shade with you wherever you go. After all, that Maryland sun isn't planning to let up anytime soon!


Beef Jerky

A protein-packed snack is important for a day spent outdoors! Beef jerky is the way to go, and we've got a few varieties for sale through our site. If you're already buying a few other camping items from the site, why not grab your favorite variety of jerky while you're at it? Trust us, you'll be glad you have it when your stomach starts to grumble in the afternoon.


Maryland Flag Fanny Pack

You're going to be carrying a lot of stuff on your back on this trip. You really don't want to dig through your huge hiking pack when you need something like your cell phone or your compass. A fanny pack is an easy way to keep the essentials that you'll be using a lot close and secure! (Plus, you've got that great 90's throwback look going on.) The bright pattern ensures you won't lose it anytime soon, either.


Old Bay Can Blanket

A good night's sleep is important no matter what, but it's especially important when you're camping. After all, you've probably been hiking, swimming or climbing all day, and you'll need to rest and recover. If you're staying in a place where you're opting for blankets instead of sleeping bags, ensure that you stay snug and cozy by bringing along our Old Bay Can blanket. 


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