Campfire Essentials

Going camping this summer? There's nothing better than spending your days exploring nature and swimming in lakes, while you spend your nights gazing at the stars and roasting marshmallows. But do you have the right gear? Route One does! Whether you're just out for a casual stroll through the woods or you're getting some serious camping in, we've go just what you need.

Maryland Flag Trucker Hat, $25


Keep the sun out of your eyes as you explore Maryland's many trails and forests. And your group will always be able to spot the bright colors of the flag if you wander off! Sensible, yet stylish.

Classic Flag & Crab Zip Hoodie, $49.95


Even hot days can bring cold nights, and sometime shivering by the campfire won't cut it! Stay cozy all night long with our classic crab pattern (and also be the best-dressed person in your tent).

Maryland Flag Ankle Socks, $13.99


Okay, so we know shopping for socks isn't that exciting. But when you're hiking all day, you'll want some good socks on your feet, and with our recognizable pattern, you'll never mix them up with anyone else's in the tent. 

One Bay One Love Shirt, $24.99


Your love of Maryland's natural world is obvious when you have this shirt on! Whether you're spending the day by the Bay or camping somewhere else, this shirt is perfect for all your outdoor activities.

Maryland Flag Camera Strap, $17.99


Maryland's parks, forests and campgrounds are breathtaking--perfect for your photo session! Keep it all together with this snazzy camera strap. And remember, take only photos, and leave only footprints!

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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