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20 Gifts For Your Maryland Mama

Eva Niessner

20 Gifts For Your Maryland Mama

Our moms do a lot for us. From changing our diapers and packing our lunches to showing us how to pick our first crab, those amazing ladies have been there in our corner, and that’s why it’s so important to pick out a great mother’s day gift. Stuck? We’ve got 20 great ideas:

  1. Maryland Flag Dress

Is mom a dress fanatic? This is perfect for her collection -- striking and unique, and sure to make any Maryland mom melt.


2.Old Bay Can Pattern Luggage Tag

We know many moms are always on the go, traveling for business or for fun. Give her a piece of MD to take with her everywhere -- even through customs.

3.Natty Boh Land of Pleasant Living Mint Tumbler

Does mom just HAVE to have to her tumbler everywhere she goes? Give her one that she’ll love toting around in a color that’s as pretty as she is.

4. Professor Trash Wheel Sticker

Professor Trash Wheel is smart, beautiful, and loves her state. Sound like any Maryland mom you know? If so, this sticker is an ideal choice.

  1. Turtle Shell Necklace

Jewelry is often a safe bet for moms, and if she’s a UMD alum, this is a gorgeous way for her to show off her Terp pride (in the fanciest way, okay).

  1. Maryland Flag Satin Scarf

A satin scarf adds the perfect bit of class to any look, and even if your mom already has a few, she’s going to adore this bright, Maryland-themed one!

  1. Maryland Flag Enamel Bangle Bracelet

When Mom’s wearing this Maryland-inspired bangle, she’ll remember how much she loves you -- and how much she loves her home state, too! Talk about a win-win.

  1. Maryland Flag Heels

If mom’s going out on the town, she should have a pair of heels to go out in, right? Moms need to look and feel fancy, too, and these heels will do the trick for sure.

  1. Ravens Football Maryland Flag Scarf

Maybe mom’s a fan of the Baltimore birds, but she also likes to show off her femininity -- that’s why we’ve got this extra-cute Maryland sports colored scarf that she can proudly wear on game day.

  1. Crab Claw Bangle Bracelet

Crab claws are great on mom’s plate, but she’ll love having them around her wrist in the form of this lovely bracelet this Mother’s Day too! (After all, who doesn’t love crabs, especially in gold?)

  1. Maryland Blue Crab Earrings

A pair of earrings is great on its own. A pair of crab earrings? Now we’re talking -- and your mom will never want to take them off!

  1.  Honeysuckle Silver Tin Candle                                                                        We’re hard-pressed to find a mom who doesn’t love a nice candle, and this one will fill her home with a lovely, summery honeysuckle scent that she’s going to be obsessed with.

  1. Crab Claw Oven Mitts

If Mom loves cooking for the family, she’s going to need something to replace those boring old oven mitts -- like these cute and quirky crab claws! Who could feel crabby while wearing these?

  1. Blue Pennington Crab & Black Eyed Susan Beach Towel

Beach time is right around the corner, and if Mom loves to lie out and catch rays, she’s going to need a beach towel! This blue pennington crab design is unique, feminine and perfect for days by the water.

  1. Maryland Flag Doormat

Welcome home! Mom will love having something for guests to wipe their feet on before coming into her nice clean house, especially if it’s as pretty as this doormat.

  1. Old Bay Blanket

Whether she’s at an outdoor concert, a picnic, or just wants to be cozy on the couch, mom is going to be so glad she has this beautiful Old Bay blanket to snuggle up with!

  1. Blue Crab Silver Door Knocker

If your mother is proud of her beautiful home, why not give her something else to love about it? Everyone will want to knock on Mom’s door when she’s got this crab in place out front!

  1. Maryland Home Mosiac Art Prints

Mom’s house is truly home, and now she can proudly show everybody that it’s true! It’ll look great in the kitchen, den, or even in her bedroom.

  1. Maryland Flag Pint Glass

No matter what your mother’s drink of choice is, she deserves something nice, like this flag pint glass, to drink it from! Perfect for everything from local brews to iced tea.

  1. Maryland Paw Print Hoodie

If your mom is an animal lover, she’s going to love our Maryland paw print red hoodie (even if she knows full well it’ll get covered with dog or cat hair within days).

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