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20 Gifts For Your BFF Who Left MD

Eva Niessner

20 Gifts For Your BFF Who Left MD

Let's face it -- sometimes, the people we're very closest to move far away. But that doesn't mean that your Maryland bestie can't take reminders of their home state back to their new place! Add some cheer to your BBFL's holiday season with these gifts that will bring the Maryland spirit. 

1. Christmas Flamingo Hon Sweatshirt

Help them take the legacy of John Waters everywhere they go this holiday season with this comfy sweatshirt.

2. Natty Boh Logo Black Scarf

Even on the chilliest day, your BFF will have Mr. Boh to keep them warm. 

3. Quilted Maryland Flag Hanging Travel Bag

Interstate travel is a lot less stressful for your bestie when they have a bag like this one! 

4. Maryland Flag Earmuffs 

Who says practical gifts can't also be adorable? Not the recipient of these earmuffs.

5. Old Bay Can Wristlet

Your Maryland bestie may not be able to take as much Old Bay home with them as they'd like, but at least they can carry the name everywhere with this wristlet. 

6. Blue Old Bay Stripes, Chevron, and Snowflakes Ski Hat

A hat like this is sure to add a bit of Old Bay spice to your bestie's life!

7. Sugar Cookie Tin Candle

Thanks to you, your best friend's home will smell like delicious baking cookies while they have their Christmas or New Year's party. Talk about being a great co-host. 

8. Home Grown Sticker

No matter where they go, this sticker will help them let everyone know where they truly call home.

9. Maryland Crab Shell Ornament

Even if they're trimming the tree far away, your bestie will feel like it's Christmas in Maryland, thanks to this crabby ornament! 

10. Santa Boh Red Sweatshirt

Your best friend is going to love getting a gift from Santa Boh this holiday season, especially if it's as warm and snug as this sweatshirt.

11. Good Baltimorning Mug

Even if they no longer wake up in Charm City, they can still take a taste of Baltimore with them, especially if they fill this mug with...

12. Christmas Blend Coffee

...this Christmas Blend coffee! It's the perfect way to wake up on a crisp winter morning. 

13. Maryland Blessing Art Print

Here's something that any former Marylander will want hanging in their kitchen, den, or bedroom! 

14. Crab Claw Oven Mitts

Want to guarantee your bestie thinks of you every time they're cooking (or just pulling a frozen pizza out of the oven)? Get them these crab claw mitts. 

15. Dainty Outline State of MD Necklace

Your bestie will cherish this reminder of Maryland - and of your forever friendship - that can be worn everywhere. 

16. Naughty, Nice, Crabby Mug

Spending time away from Maryland is enough to make anyone crabby, but luckily, this mug can help. 

17. Maryland Iconic Eats Towel

Your bestie may be missing the delicious flavors of the Free State, but at least they can be reminded of what to snack on next time they're home with this adorable kitchen towel.

18. UMD Testudo Pint Glass

Once a Terp, always a Terp! Remind them of the good old days of college with this pint glass.

19. Old Bay Can Luggage Tag

Make their holiday travels a little brighter, even when they're stuck in the airport for yet another delayed flight, with this luggage tag.

20. National Bohemian Orange Baseball Socks

The older we get, the more we appreciate socks as a gift. But that doesn't mean they can't be fun, too! Keep your bestie warm wherever they are with these cool ones.

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