5 Ways to Wear Our New Crab Bangles

We've got some new bangles in store, and they're pretty much the most gorgeous things ever. With so many colors, you might be wondering--where and how is the best place to wear your new arm candy? We've got answers!

1.To Your Next Game of Thrones Party

Sure, you can wear these bad boys to any party you like, but the color combos and animal imagery just scream Game of Thrones. Tell everyone you're Mary of House Calvert, and your sigil is the crab. Coordinate with your Renaissance fair dress colors, and you're ready for any battle, ball--or episode viewing!

2. To a Maryland wedding

If you're a guest at a laid-back beach wedding or a fanciful chapel ceremony, you can't go wrong with a crab bangle. Subtle, sure, but also not so subtle that it'll go unnoticed. Even if you don't catch the bouquet, you'll still have the best accessories of the bunch.

And if you're the bride? Coordinate the colors with your bridesmaids gowns, or wear one as your 'something new'!

3. To Trivia Night

Ladies, who says brains and beauty are mutually exclusive? When you're out whooping butt with all your knowledge, you can also look amazing. A bangle will pair up with just about any outfit you've deemed worthy of going out in. 

4. To Your Next Cookout

With Memorial Day and perfect weather just around the corner, your Facebook events page is probably teeming with invites to BBQs and pool parties. You've got to come looking good, and wearing something unique! Don't sweat it--our crab bangles are perfect.

5. On Your Next Date

That cute Marylander asked you out? After you text all your friends to tell them the news, you're probably wondering what you're going to wear. Whatever looks best on you, of course--but our bangles are universally flattering! Slip one on, and then get out there and impress! 

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.



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