5 Maryland-Themed Things That Should Exist (But Don't)

If you're here, at Route One Apparel, then it seems like a pretty logical assumption that you love all things Maryland-themed. It's why you've got all the shirts, the ties, even the socks! (Seriously, is there any better way to keep your feet warm and dry than Maryland socks?) We've got a Major League Baseball team and an NFL team, our own zoos, museums, colleges and even our own state dinosaur

But we live in a flawed world, one without EVERYTHING Maryland-themed. Here are a few things that are sorely lacking that Old Line State touch--and maybe the more creative readers out there will be sure to make things right!

1. Maryland Perfume/ Cologne

Okay, I'm not saying that you want to smell just like a crab cake (but if that's your thing, no judgement). I'm saying that there should be someone making scents that evoke the variety and beauty of Maryland. Something spicy? Something nautical? Something woodsy? Any of those would work to represent a state with such a prime location and a loyal fan base. If any perfumers read this blog, your challenge has been issued.

2. Maryland Cat Cafe

Cat cafes began in Japan as a way for people to enjoy playing with cats without the cost and responsibility of actually owning them. You pay a small hourly fee, get something to eat and drink, and play with kitties to your heart's content! The trend has spread to the United States, but sadly, there aren't any in Maryland (the closest is one currently being Kickstarted to open in Washington D.C.). How can Maryland have a state cat, but no cat cafes? An outrage, I say!

Pictured: Sadly, not us. Photo via Wikipedia.

3. Maryland Pop Song

Okay, so New York and L.A. might be better places to set your pop song--and we all know there are tons of songs that reference Maryland or Baltimore in some way. But I'm talking "Empire State of Mind" levels of fame and reference, here, only in reference to Maryland. It's a long shot, but if locals like Beach House can get huge, there's a chance we'll get one. 

4. Maryland Pizza

We might have some amazing pizzerias in our state (my personal favorite is Iggy's in Mt. Vernon, but we've all got our own), but there's nothing super distinct about our pizza, the way it is in New York or Chicago. But why should they have all the fun? Who's going to make the distinctly Maryland pizza, and what's it going to taste like? My mouth is watering just wondering!

Iconic pizza? Not for us, unfortunately. Photo via Wikipedia.

5. Maryland TV Series (minus the dark and gritty)

No one's denying how awesome shows like The Wire are (I wouldn't have recommended it an article ago otherwise!), but maybe, just maybe, we can get a TV show set in Maryland that focuses on something other than cops, politics or drugs. Okay, fine, we also have Ace of Cakes, but I'm talking about a fun comedy or a drama that takes place here. Pretty please?

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.



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