What's Your (Maryland) New Year's Resolution?

You're probably tired of people asking you what your New Year's resolution will be. The old standards are so...boring! Wouldn't it be fun to make your resolution Maryland-inspired instead? Here are some resolutions brought to you by Route One Apparel that might make your year a little brighter.

1. Make the bay your new bae

Not only the Chesapeake Bay gorgeous, it's the center of one of Maryland's most important ecosystems. You guys and gals wouldn't let anything bad happen to it, would you? Even if you can't make the trek out to help volunteer with Bay conservation efforts, you can donate to the Chesapeake Conservancy--or just make sure you keep your trash where it belongs!

(A Chesapeake-dweller who could use some love! Photo via Chesapeake Conservancy)

2. Get into Maryland's state sport

Did you know our state sport is jousting? Like, the horseback, knights-in-shining-armor kind? If you haven't seen this in action at the Renaissance Festival, 2015 is your year to see it. Just remember to leave this one to the professionals! (And if any of our readers are professional jousters, be sure to speak up, because we'd love an interview).

3. Catch up on all your Maryland media

Make this the year to see all the Maryland-based shows and movies that all your friends have been bugging you to see. There's a reason everyone's obsessed with The Wire and House of Cards! Of course, there's no reason you can't re-watch your favorite Maryland-based movies again this coming year--like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Step Up. 

(Frank Underwood judging you for being behind. Photo via Tumblr)

4. Treat someone to an amazing Maryland experience

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is do something for someone else! Whether it's taking your mom to a quaint boutique in old Ellicott City, treating your friends to a movie at the Senator or the Charles, or taking your little siblings to the aquarium for the very first time, you can find endless things to do just to put a smile on another Marylander's face. Don't wait to do it!

5. Shop local

It's not just us--though we love each and every person who supports our business! We've featured plenty of friends who have had the courage and ambition to start their own business here in Maryland. Why not support the businesses that make Maryland great? 

So let us know what your Maryland resolution is! We know you'll be making 2015 the very best.

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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