Route One's Holiday Shopping Guide: Siblings Edition

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Gift Exchange Day, it's stressful buying that perfect present. You really want your gift to matter, and for the recipient to really love it! Well, take a deep breath, walk yourself out of the mall, and sit in a cozy chair in front of your computer. Everything your Maryland-loving family and friends could want is right here at Route One Apparel, and we've got gift guides for everyone in your life.

Let's focus on siblings. Picture this: You and the brothers and sisters are gathered around the Christmas tree just like when you were kids. Instead of a doll or a stuffed animal or a pack of Pokemon cards like the old days, you know they want some really great accessories and clothes to stay warm and stylish at the same time. It's going to happen, guys! Here are a few of the best picks for the friends you're born with.

Maryland Mustache Crew Sweatshirt, $28.99


Ugly sweater? Puh-lease. This is basically the most gorgeous sweater that has ever existed, and your sibs will totally forgive you for cutting off all of their baby doll's hair or flushing their Game Boy games down the toilet when your were four if you buy them this.

Maryland Flag iPhone Case, $23.99

If they have such a stunning case, they have no reason to miss your texts, right? They might think they have the greatest case ever, but this Christmas is the time to prove them wrong, while proving your endless generosity and good taste in the process. And yes, it comes in a Samsung Galaxy model too!

Crabby Susan Maryland Flag, $22.50



Got a sibling headed off to college? Their own apartment? Maybe their bedroom just looks as sad and bare as a motel room? It's your job as a responsible brother or sister to fix that. This flag measures 3'x5', making it eye-catching without ginormous--a perfect statement piece if they don't quite have the space to fit the entire state in their room yet.

Baltimore Purple and Gold Tie, $22.99


They have a job interview or a frat initiation coming up....and no ties. Seriously? At least now they can show off how much of a Ravens fan they are (and how good their siblings are at picking out gifts) with this tricolor tie that will have everyone talking. 

Baltimore Purple and Gold Scarf, $25.00


Football games are cold. Scarves are warm and toasty. It's not a hard leap to make. This would make a great accompanying gift to Ravens season tickets, but even if it's not, you'll know their colors will shine true, whether they're watching at home or at M&T Bank Stadium. Aww, how nice of you!

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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