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Route One Essentials For The Maryland Mom

Route One Essentials For The Maryland Mom

Mother's Day is approaching and sometimes it's difficult to choose a gift for mom with so many options available. If you can't decide between a gift card, edible arrangements, or a bouquet of roses, we've got you covered. Here are five reasons why giving your Maryland mom the gift of Route One Apparel is always the best choice.


1) Flowers are great... UNTIL THEY DIE.

Flickr / Eric Bréchemier

Unlike these Route One essentials, that will last forever.



2) Chocolates are only good until the last one is gone...

Flickr / Michael Coghlan

Instead, get mom a crab mallet and she'll never go hungry again.



3) Oh look, just what mom needs. More art for the fridge.

Flickr / Joamm Tall

On second thought, don't you think she'd prefer THIS masterpiece?



4) Giving your mom a friendship bracelet is so 1996.

Flickr / Nanette Saylor

Doesn't the woman who gave you life deserve something more like this?



5) Maybe your mom doesn't care about material items and that's okay, too. She's just happy being your mom.

Flickr / Jessica Pankratz

But that will never stop her from always being a Maryland girl as well.


It's not too late to order gifts for Mother's Day! Click here to check out our Mother's Day collection. From jewelry to purses, we've got the best items to keep your Maryland mom looking oh so fashionable.



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