Route One's Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Friend Edition

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Gift Exchange Day, it's stressful buying that perfect present. You really want your gift to matter, and for the recipient to really love it! Well, take a deep breath, walk yourself out of the mall, and sit in a cozy chair in front of your computer. Everything your Maryland-loving family and friends could want is right here at Route One Apparel, and we've got gift guides for everyone in your life.

Let's talk your best friend--your main man/lady, your bestie, your confidant. He or she is the one who convinces you not to text your ex, doesn't judge you for eating two entire burritos, and generally makes Maryland an even better place. Your best friend loves Maryland as much as they love hanging out with you. So get them that gift that says "Thanks for being there for me, and for having such great taste."

Merryland Christmas Crew Sweatshirt, $29.99


If you two are off to an ugly sweater party, make sure they look the part! Warm and soft, bursting with Christmas cheer, and so cheesy that it's beautiful, this is going to make your best friend wish it'd be winter all year long.

We Are Maryland Jumbo Tote, $25


Maybe they have a lot of textbooks to carry--maybe you just need them to have something to keep all your presents in. Do you really need a reason to get your best friend a huge, Maryland-themed tote bag? Of course you don't.

Maryland Flag Flip-Flops, $25


It's not quite flip-flop season yet--but when summer rolls back around, you and the bestie will be off to the beach, the bay or the pool, and they'll remember that you got them these fantastic Maryland flag flip-flops. Or maybe they're lucky enough to be off on a tropical vacation this winter, and they'll have a little bit of Maryland to remind them of home!

Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's Shirt, $26.99

If your best friend doesn't own this already, buying this for them is going to solidify your friendship forever. Everyone will ask them where they got this shirt, and they'll be like "Oh, my awesome best friend got it for me from Route One Apparel." And then you'll glow with pride. Make it happen, guys.

Maryland Flag Dog Collar, $24.99


Hey, don't forget about man's best friend! Your dog (extra points if it's a Chesapeake retriever) wants some presents this Christmas too, so don't forget about Route One's pet products. This leash is stylish and functional, and your dog would have bought it for itself already, if only it could use the computer.

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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