Route One Quiz: Which Crab Recipe Should You Make?


Summertime is crab time, and like any good Marylander, you want as much crab meat in your system as you can get. Maybe you'd like to try make something for yourself while crabs are still in season--but what? There are so, so many options for crab recipes, and they can be overwhelming! So here's a quiz to help you figure out which crab recipe you should whip up before those beautiful crustaceans go to sleep for the winter.


1. You and your friends are at your favorite restaurant. What do you order?

A. The same thing you order every single time you go there. Why mess with perfection?

B. A dish you can share with the others.

C. Something you've never tried before--it might be a new favorite.

D. Comfort food, something to keep you happy and full. 


2. What channel would you be most likely to watch on TV?

A. Nick at Nite

B. E!

C. Travel Channel

D. Food Network 


3. Your friends and family decide to throw you a surprise party. Where would they be most likely to hold it?

A. At your favorite hang-out spot, where you've made all kinds of great memories with your loved ones.

B. At a club big enough to hold your huge social circle.

C. At a quirky art gallery, where everyone can express themselves.

D. At home--who says you can't party in sweatpants?


4. Imagine you're about to get a new pet. What kind of animal would you most want to get?

A. A puppy! Everyone loves a loyal, friendly dog.

B. A parrot--you can introduce it to your friends and let it join in your chatter.

C. An exotic critter no one else you know has, like a sugar glider.

D. A lazy, fluffy cat that can be your TV-watching buddy.


5. Finally--who is your favorite Maryland resident or residents?

A. The beloved Cal Ripken, Jr. 

B. The chatty Guiliana Rancic.

C. The enigmatic Edgar Allen Poe.

D. The dreamlike musicians of Beach House.




Mostly A's: Maryland Crab Cake

You love the classics, and you're not overly worried about changing something if you like it. You know what you like, and you like it! The servers at places like Phillips or Higgins know your order by heart because you're just so dependable! So if you're after a crab recipe, you need to stick to the basics. Try your hand at making a Baltimore crab cake. New fad dishes will come and go, but this one's not going anywhere.


Mostly B's: Crab Dip

You're a social butterfly who's not going to sit and eat your crabs alone. You need a dish that you can share with your buds while you discuss the latest Ravens game or the concert schedule at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Crab dip is perfect for sharing, and goes great with everything from fries to pretzels to nachos. Try these recipes and share them with all your friends!


Mostly C's: Avocado and Crab Sushi

You're unique, and for you, the classics are a little stale. You can be found at the Charles Theater catching a foreign movie or at the BMA's contemporary art gallery. You'd rather try something new, and you're more at home at a hole-in-the-wall diner or restaurant than in a crab house. Luckily, sushi is a perfect medium for using crab meat, and you'll satisfy that craving for something different with a recipe for avocado and crab sushi. 


Mostly D's: Cream of Crab Soup

You value comfort above all else, and you don't need to travel far or party hard to have a good time. There's lots of great stuff on TV, your friends are texting back, and life is good. You should try a recipe that's as cozy and easy-going as you are, like a big bowl of cream of crab soup. Spend your next rainy evening making this, grab the crackers and the Old Bay, and settle in for a relaxing night.


This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.



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