15 R1A Products To Take To That Outdoor Concert

Summer is great for a lot of things, but there’s no denying that one of the best things about summer is getting to go to tons of outdoor shows and concerts! And since we’ve got easy access to Baltimore, DC, Merriweather and Ocean City, we’ve got no shortage of shows to attend here in Maryland and just beyond. Are you prepared for the show? We’ve got plenty of products to ensure you’ll have the time of your life.


1 Maryland Flag Wristlet

You don’t want to lose your cash and credit card at the venue! Keep everything on hand with this striking wristlet that you’ll never let out of your sight.


Old Bay Drawstring Bag

From sunglasses to wallets to tickets, you can haul everything you need around the concert venue in this fun and eye-catching drawstring bag that everyone will compliment you on.


National Bohemian Black Hoodie

If things get cool or rainy at the show, you won’t have anything to fear! This Natty Boh classic black hoodie will keep you warm and snug. 


4 Old Bay Neoprene Sunglasses Strap

Nobody wants to be the person who lost their sunglasses at the concert. Avoid that issue entirely (and in the most fashionable way you can imagine) with this spicy accessory.



5 Pride of the Chesapeake Shirt

Even if you’re far from the bay, this bright and bold Pride of the Chesapeake shirt is the perfect thing to wear to those hot and sunny summer concerts! 

Maryland Flag 5-Piece Hair Tie Set

You want to see the bands clearly, so you’ve gotta keep the hair out of your eyes. It’s even better when you can do it with our MD flag-style hair ties! 


7 Maryland Flag Camera Strap

Planning to take some Insta-worthy shots of your favorite artist? Keep your camera safe and secure with our Maryland flag camera strap -- yes, even your camera needs MD flag accesories! (Who doesn’t?)


Remember Your Roots Shirt

What’s cooler than seeing local bands that have put on incredible local shows? It’s hard to think of anything. Remember your roots, especially when it comes to the music scene. 


9 Yellow Maryland Flag Shades

Don’t let that bright sun keep you from being able to see the show you’re here to see! A pair of MD flag shades will keep you looking cool (and will make it so you can actually watch the stage -- you decide what matters more). 


10 Basic Boh Logo Text Hat

Hats don’t just keep the sun off your face and prevent sunburn from turning your nose pink. They can also make it a lot easier for your friends to find you at the venue, especially if you’re wearing this fun Boh hat! 


11 Maryland Full Crab Watch

You don’t want to miss the moment your favorite band takes the stage! Keep yourself prompt (even if sound check runs late) when you’re wearing our MD flag crab watch. 


12 Maryland Flag Dog Harness

Are you at a venue where dogs are allowed? Hey, maybe you and Fido share music tastes! Keep your pup safely nearby and looking extra sharp when you’ve got a MD flag dog harness like this one.


13 Quilted Maryland Flag ID Case

If you know you’re going to have to show your ID to security when you’re coming and going, don’t hold up the line digging in your wallet. This ID case will make getting through the gate a breeze.


14 MD Flag Crab Lunchbox

Picnic lunches are one of the most fun things about seeing live music! (Talk about dinner and a show.) Keep your snacks and sandwiches in one place with our MD flag crab lunch box. 

15 Crab, Mallet & Natty Boh Hawaiian Shirt

A casual jam band calls for a casual shirt, and this Boh-themed Hawaiian shirt is the perfect thing to wear to a show. 


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