An Ode to Ocean City

Dear Ocean City:

You're a Maryland treasure. No doubt about it. Sure, people complain about you--you're crowded, you're not that fancy--but a Marylander hasn't lived until he or she has wandered onto a packed beach, stuffed with saltwater taffy, in search of that perfect spot to plant an umbrella. There's a reason it's packed, kids.


Like many people, I have great memories of going to Ocean City with my family. It was a vacation not just because there was a beach there, but because we got to live without rules. At Ocean City, there's a candy store on every block and we could eat piles of crab cakes and fried fish for dinner each night. We wanted to play outside until we were red as stop signs, instead of just staying in to watch TV. The water's cold and not Caribbean-clear, but a dip in the ocean was the perfect remedy for a scorching Maryland summer day. And if you never rented a boogie board as a kid from the stands dotting the beach, you missed on out some real fun (and also the pain of punching yourself in the gut with a boogie board).


Then there's the boardwalk, which deserves an article of its own. Carnival games? They've got 'em. Rides? Oh yeah--including a massive Ferris wheel that gives you a bird's eye view of the boardwalk and ocean. There's a Ripley's Believe it or Not here, with the famous shark that appears to have been flung into the building via Sharknado. There are boutique shops with nice clothing and accessories (not as nice as Route One, but we manage) and also tourist-trap shops with YOLO snapbacks and hermit crabs for sale. It seems to have been set up with the challenge of 'something for everyone', and whether you're a kid, a frat boy,or a parent, you'll find plenty.

Wait, I didn't even mention Thrashers in that last paragraph about the boardwalk, which I'm pretty sure is punishable by Maryland law. Everyone knows these are the most scrumptious french fries on the face of the Earth, and animals will fight you for them (mostly seagulls, because seagulls have good taste).


And if you think Ocean City is a trashy, crowded tourist spot, you're not appreciating the real natural beauty of the place. The views are magnificent, even if you're in a crowded spot or on the bay. If you're out near Assateague or in a less crowded spot--even better.  So thanks, Ocean City, for being a Maryland gem, a place I can go to get T-shirts, have a nice dinner, play in the sand and have fun in the crowd. I can't wait to see you this summer.

As for YOU--readers of Route One! What's the ultimate place to go in Ocean City, whether it's a hotel, restaurant, bar, shop or game? Let me know in the comments!

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.

  • Sheila says...

    I can hear the ocean and feel the sun

    On June 12, 2014

  • Christy says...

    JC’s Northside Pub
    121st Bayside in front of Northside Park

    On June 11, 2014

  • Kelsie Andrews says...

    Been going to OC since I was in the womb, and the places to stay is the Ocean Mecca, east at The Lazy Lizard, and take an Old Time Photo when you are at your sunburnest.

    On June 11, 2014


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