DIY With Route One Apparel: How to make cool new products with our Maryland flag bandana!

Get crafty with Route One Apparel! Here are step-by-step directions for how to make a lettered shirt using our Maryland Flag/Bandana. This step-by-step tutorial works for ANY letters or simple shapes! Share your finished product with us on Instagram by tagging us! #RouteOneApparel


Iron (medium heat setting)




Maryland Flag/Bandana


Puffy paint or Needle & thread (optional)

Step 1: With the HeatnBond paper liner facing up, trace out letters/shapes of your choice. Cut the letters/shapes leaving excess HeatnBond around the edges (Note: Trace the letters backwards so they are facing the correct way once cut). 

Step 2: Turn the bandana so the Maryland flag print is facing down. Place the HeatnBond on top of the bandana with the paper liner facing up where ever you desire. Go over with the iron two or three times firmly. 

 Step 3: Cut out the letters/shapes.


Step 4: Peel off the paper liner and place letters/shapes on T-shirt. Go over with the iron two or three times firmly. (Fun fact: one bandana can make approximately enough Greek 4” letters for FOUR shirts with ease).

Step 5: Puffy paint the edges to seal the fabric and prevent the letters/shapes from falling off in the wash/dryer or take to your local sewing shop to be stitched (or sew yourself)**

**If you choose not to puffy paint or sew the letters/shapes on, skip the dryer and lay flat to dry.

Do not throw the scraps away! The extra fabric can be used to make a matching hair bow. Simply use any size rectangle and accordion fold. Pinch middle and tie a small piece of fabric around to hold in place. Use a bobby pin to secure in hair.



Get your Maryland Flag/Bandana here to start this DIY project and send us your pictures when you are done!

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger Dara Dinisio.


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