10 Unique Things To Wear For Maryland Day

Maryland is a state like no other! We've got unique attractions and unique culture, unique people, and of course the most unique flag! So if you really want to stand out in honor of Maryland Day, we've got a few unusual and specialized items of clothing that will really help you feel the Maryland love. From local brands to local slang, try on a few of these fun threads.

1. Spread Old Bay, It's The Maryland Way Shirt

Nobody else spread Old Bay the way Marylanders do! If you really want to show your state spirit, this set of instructions is key.

2. Natty Boh Sailor Gets Drafted Shirt

Natty Boh is one of Maryland's most beloved icons! He's hitting the high seas (like a Naval Academy grad) and he's heading for Charm City on this fun blue tee. 

3. Creation of Boh Shirt

Fine art just got finer, thanks to the addition of Maryland's favorite brew! No one appreciates a National Bohemian quite like a Marylander. 

4. Shell Yeah Black Shirt

Love your alma mater? Shell yeah, you do! UMD has one of the most iconic mascots out there, and you can rock your Terp pride all Maryland Day with this fun tee.

5. Maryland Flag Lacrosse Peace Sign Shirt

Lacrosse is something that Marylanders love like nobody else does. Getting to play or watch this game is pure bliss -- and we've got a shirt for anyone who loves peace and lax! 

6. Maryland Black Eyed Susan Butter Shirt

Every Marylander knows that the state flower is the prettiest flower! This tee features our gorgeous Black Eyed Susan growing around the word "Maryland". 

7. A Lab's Perfect Day in Maryland Shirt

We're gonna have to agree with this lab. Spending Maryland Day with a dog, some steamed crabs, and some brews sounds like the perfect day to us, too! 

8. Crab, Mallet, & Natty Boh Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian tees have never felt more uniquely Maryland, thanks to this shirt! After all, it captures all of our favorite things about the state -- crabs, mallets, and a cold one to wash it all down.

9. Maryland Flag Stripe High Top Shoes

Of course, shirts aren't the only thing you can wear to show off your Maryland pride. These high tops are striped with the MD flag -- and they're sure to be the most unique shoes in your closet!

10. Maryland Flag Crew Socks

Gotta dress a little more formally on Maryland Day? You can still add some fun details to your outfit, like these crew socks! You know you're an adult when you're excited about socks, especially ones as fun as these. 



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