10 Things To Wear To Show Off on the Boardwalk

Let’s face it -- the Ocean City Boardwalk is the place to be when it comes to taking a picture for the gram.  On the sandy beach, in front of the rides, with a big bucket of boardwalk fries...there are so many opportunities to get that perfect shot. Of course, you’re going to want to be wearing the perfect outfit while you’re getting your photo taken, and we’ve got just what you need. Here are a few of our picks:


1 Natty Boh Lifeguard Stand Chalky Mint Shirt

Everybody likes getting their photo taken by the lifeguard stand -- and if you’ve got a cool graphic shirt like this Natty Boh lifeguard stand tee, you’re gonna match perfectly. 

I Like It Spicy Ladies V-Neck Tee

Ladies, you’re gonna rock this funny and cute V neck tee, especially when the whole Boardwalk is your stage. Treat yourself to a crabby treat and don’t forget to get a pic! 


3 Crab Claw Antique Gold Bracelet

Holding up that soft shell crab sandwich or ice cream cone to get the right shot? You’ll need a cute accessory to wear while you’re getting the picture, like this bracelet. 

Bohcean City Sunrise Shirt

There’s nothing sweeter than an Ocean City sunrise, except, maybe, for getting that gorgeous selfie on the Boardwalk! Combine the two by wearing this gorgeous shirt. 

5 Boh Surfing in OC Neon Blue Shirt

Even if you’ve never surfed a day in your life, this surfing Boh in OC shirt is sure to be a hit on Instagram! It counts if the ocean is in the background, right?

Maryland Flag With Rope Handles Tote Bag

Your tote bag is for sure a fashion statement as well as a place to keep your sunscreen, especially this rope-handled flag bag! Seriously -- what won’t it go with?

7 Pennington Crab and Black Eyed Susan Teal Shades

A pair of super-chic shades is crucial for any visit to the Boardwalk! This one comes in a gorgeous shade of teal that you’ll want to feature in every pic.

Sugar Skull Crab Royal Blue Tank

A blue tank and a delicately detailed sugar skull crab are a winning combination, especially on a tank top! You’re going to want to wear this from one end of the Boardwalk to the other.

9 MD Flag Slip On Shoes

Don’t forget about the footwear! If you’re not interested in walking around the boardwalk in the same plain shoes, show off your pride in your photos with these slip-ons.


10 Maryland Flag Vintage Burnout V-Neck

Wearing the full Maryland flag is the ultimate way to show off your pride (and those colors are gonna look killer in the photo, especially in the glow of the Ferris wheel!).


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