10 Products To Get Your Pooch Through The Dog Days of Summer

The weather is heating up, and that means you and your dog are going to get to spend lots more time outside! More walks, hikes, and swims with Fido? Before you head out together, you’re going to want to make sure you have some of these accessories that you and your dog will both love:

1 Natty Boh Logo Purple Collar

The right collar is crucial for any pup! If you know your dog has personality and charm to spare, we recommend this bright purple collar adorned with the Natty Boh logo.

MD Paw Print Black Collar

Of course, the paw print design is a classic look for any dog -- you just can’t go wrong, especially when it has a MD flag color scheme going on...


Maryland Flag Dog Collar

Or skip the paw prints and go for the full-on flag motif! This collar isn’t just for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (though it would look fantastic on them) -- any dog will look like a mascot when it has this collar on.

Maryland Flag Blanket

Before heading out on that hearty walk, your dog is going to need plenty of rest, and there’s no better place for him or her to do that than on our super-soft and colorful Maryland flag blanket! Spoiled? Your dog? No way.

Maryland Flag Dog Leash

Match this with the MD flag collar, or a plain one -- either way, the bright and bold Maryland Flag design is going to get you and Fluffy both noticed no matter where you go for a walk. 

Pink and Blue Crab Dog Leash

Perfect for the preppy pooch! This pink and blue leash features a cute crab design that’s sure to make you and your pup the most good-looking ones on the walking trail.

Natty Boh Logo Dog Leash

Natty Boh? More like Natty Go...for a walk, that is! This leash will make walkies even more fun as you spend some time in the land of pleasant walking. 


Blue and Lime Dog Crab Dog Leash

 Bright colors and a bold crab pattern? Yes, please! Say goodbye to boring leashes when you take your puppy out on the dog with this striking leash.

MD Paw Print Black Dog Shirt

Dogs like to feel stylish, too! This adorable paw print doggy shirt is ideal for the pooch that’s looking for that perfect fashion accessory. Get ready to hear how cute your dog is over and over again! 

10 Maryland Flag Dog Harness

Looking for a good harness for your furry friend? We humbly recommend our (surprise) Maryland flag-themed harness, which your dog can wear around the house, at the dog park, or on the hiking trail. 


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