10 Home Hacks for You To Make the Most of Winter

Eva Niessner

10 Home Hacks for You To Make the Most of Winter

Winter here in Maryland can be a cold, icy and dark time. These days, it feels like the warmth might never return! But there are plenty of ways to stay cozy and keep the snow and ice from taking their toll. We've got 10 here.

1. Work the curtains!

During the daylight hours, keep the curtains open so as much sunlight as possible gets inside to warm your home. Once darkness falls, shut the curtains again so you can keep that ambient warmth trapped where you want it.

2. Cool down your shower

We know this one sounds totally counterproductive -- who doesn't love a hot shower? Well, unfortunately, hot water will dry out your skin during the winter months, while lukewarm ones are easier on your body. 

3. Don't let the pipes freeze

Planning to spend some time away from home while the weather is cold? Leave your faucets running, just at a trickle, to prevent freezing.

4. Keep some kitty litter in your trunk in case you're stuck in the snow

Spinning your wheels? Dump some kitty litter under your tires and you'll get some much-needed traction. Keep a container in your trunk so you'll be prepared for any slippery situation.

5. Put plastic bags on your car's side mirrors

Tie plastic bags around each of the mirrors the night before you leave for work, and you won't have to worry about ice and snow building up on them! Voila, instantly usable mirrors, no matter how chilly it is outside.

6. Sand your soles

Do you have work shoes that don't have much traction? Prevent a skid or a fall when you're walking to the office! Use a piece of sandpaper to rough up the soles a bit so they have more grip.

7. Run the dryer 

Don't have an electric blanket, or do you worry about how safe they are? No worries! Run your pillowcases and comforter through the dryer just before you plan to turn in for that toasy-warm feeling when you go to bed. 

8. Put coffee grounds on an icy sidewalk

This is great for anyone who wants to be a little kinder for the environment -- or any big coffee fan. Your grounds have acids in them that will break down ice, so you can sprinkle them on a walkway to help melt slippery spots.

9. Experiment with your hot cocoa

Who says you have to stick with what comes in the packet? Add caramel sauce, crushed candy canes, chocolate bars, or peanut butter to your hot chocolate for an added kick. Maybe you can add some spices to make it really wild, or an adult beverage if you're of legal age. Get creative!

10. Get baking!

Not only will you have some delicious treats to enjoy by the end of your bake session, you'll also have a warmer home. If you're not a natural baker, just grab some pre-cut sugar cookies to heat up. Now that's cozy!

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