10 Gifts For Your Girl This Valentine's Day

Whether you've just started dating or you've been together for years, your Maryland girl deserves the best when it comes to Valentine's Day! Sure, flowers and chocolate are the traditional options, but this year, we bet she'll appreciate it if you think outside the box and try something more Maryland-themed! These options are sure to please:

1. Henna Crab Tote Bag

Perfect for storing other gifts inside of, too! Whether you've gotten her favorite treats or a new piece of jewelry (scroll down for inspo), she'll love this crabby container as much as the other items. 

2. Rose Gold Crab Claw Ring

Is there anything sweeter than jewelry? And is there anything more Maryland than a crab claw? This is truly the best of both worlds for your Maryland gal. 

3. Purple and Gold Enamel Crab Bangle

Here's a great way for your football-loving lady to show off her team pride in the most sophisticated way! She can wear it to a fancy dinner or to a sports bar and look amazing no matter way. 

4. Good Baltimorning Mug

Say good morning to your girl in the best possible way -- with a new Baltimore-themed mug for her favorite hot drinks! Even if Valentine's Day is chilly, she'll feel the warmth of your love. 

5. Dainty Maryland Outline Necklace

Something bold and gold makes a great Valentine's gift! This necklace is exactly what your Maryland girl will love showing off. 

6. Maryland Flag Paw Print Tumbler 

Yes, your lady does need a new tumbler! Turns out a Valentine's gift can be cute and practical, too. The adorable paw print makes it ideal for pet and animal lovers. 

7. Old Bay Can Wristlet

Your girl will be able to keep all her most important things on hand with this Old Bay tin wristlet! Ideal for evenings out and vacations. 

8. Route One Apparel Statement Roast Coffee

If you're with a girl who can't imagine life without coffee, treat her to this special Route One Apparel blend! Way more useful -- and just as delicious-- as chocolates or candy. 

9. Maryland Pride Soap

This cute crab-shaped soap is sure to delight any girl who's big on self care! After using this, there's no way she'll feel crabby. 

10. Sugar Cookie Candle

You know your lady's as sweet as can be! Now, you can give her something just as sweet as a gift -- this sugar cookie scented candle. 


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