10 Gifts For The New Baltimore Resident

Has a friend, family member, or coworker just moved to Charm City? Are YOU making the leap yourself? Coming to Baltimore after living elsewhere in the state (or in another state entirely) will be a big change, but an exciting one. Why not celebrate your new digs or the move of another with a Baltimore-related gift? We’ve got a few ideas….

1 Baltimore Love Black Shirt

Might as well add some orange and black into your wardrobe right away, right? It’s time to declare your loyalty to Charm City, and this is a great way to do so. 

2 Baltimore Skyline Crab Art Print

A little decor goes a long way, especially in a new home that looks so bare and empty. We’ve got this Baltimore map that will look gorgeous in any room! 

3 Baltimore: Actually I Love It Sticker

Once you spend some time in the city, you’ll find a million reasons to adore it. Proclaim your feelings with this sticker that says, actually, you really do love Baltimore.

4 Baltimore Rat Typography Shirt

Hopefully you won’t have any encounters with Baltimore rats -- except for when you buy this shirt! Sure to get laughs from all the locals. 

5 Stay Trashy, Baltimore Shirt

Why not do your part to keep your new city clean? Help out with the city’s efforts to de-junk the waterway (and be trashy at the same time, with this shirt). 

6 Natty Boh Logo Baseball Hat

Natty Boh is everywhere in Baltimore. Fit in with the crowd with this baseball hat that features the simple, straightforward logo. 

7 Poe Nevermore Art Print

Want to add some literary flair to your new home? Well, a Baltimore home isn't complete without something Poe-related, and this raven will feel right at home in your study (or any room you choose). 

8 Baltimore Blend Coffee

Make your first sip of the day something that celebrates the city, like this Baltimore blend! You'll be supporting local businesses and getting a fine cup of Joe, too.

9 Old Bay Can Flag

Whether you’ve got a full backyard, a porch, a balcony, or a window, there’s a place for this delicious Old Bay can flag at your new home! Adds a pop of color as well as a pop of Baltimore pride. 

10 Baltimore Map Cutting Board

Kitchen masters and novices alike will love this Baltimore map cutting board! Even if you’re not the next Food Network personality, you’ll still feel like a Baltimore celebrity chef when you’re chopping your tomatoes and onions on this baby.


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