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10 Dorm Cooking Hacks

Eva Niessner

10 Dorm Cooking Hacks


It's time to head back to school, Marylanders! If you're living in a dorm for the first (or second, or third) time, you may be wondering what you can do to whip up some food if the dining hall is closed or if you're just tired of eating campus grub. Here are a few hacks you should know. 

1. Start off the healthy way with a piping hot bowl of oatmeal! All you need to do is run some water through your coffee maker (without any coffee added, please) to get it hot enough. Of course, if you have an electric kettle, you're already a step ahead. 

2. Think ahead when you're at the grocery store. Buy stuff that's easy to store, that will keep for a long time, and that won't require much preparation-- think granola bars, microwavable rice, and dried fruits.

3. Make your bulk-bought ramen a little nicer by adding more ingredients! You can grab some steam-in-the-bag veggies, chili oil, green onion and sesame seeds to make that cheap eat way more flavorful. 

4. Invest in your leftovers. If you got food out at a restaurant for dinner, you can throw what remains into a tortilla or a bag of nacho chips, or onto some bread to make a sandwich. Don't be afraid to experiment!

5. Mug meals and desserts will be your best friend! If you have a microwave, you can make everything from cake to mac and cheese to soup. Not sure where to start? Click here.

6. Love fresh herbs in your food? Why not grow your own? Keep a window box or plastic pot of basil, rosemary, chives, or mint so you can always grab a few leaves to add to your dish.

7. Who says you need a stovetop to make a quesadilla? Just fill a tortilla with cheese, fold in half, wrap in foil, and use your iron to heat it evenly through. Voila! A melty quesadilla, perfect for dipping in salsa or guac.

8. Need an easy, cool, and nutritious snack? Slice a banana and sandwich the slices with a smear of peanut butter in between. Stick them in your freezer for a delicious treat that will keep you full and happy, too. 

9. Use your meal plan in the dining hall to stock up on things like ketchup packets, plastic cutlery, salt and pepper packets...anything you might be annoyed to not have while you're cooking up a tasty treat late at night.

10. Think variety. You might think you won't get tired of eating Kraft mac and cheese every single day, but your love for that orange stuff might start to run thin after a week or two. So be sure to give yourself plenty of different things to eat!

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