Please note: All items will be final sale, and there will be a card spending minimum of $10. Normally, this is a warehouse location that is not operational for retail shopping. After this event, we cannot allow customers to enter this location.

Since there is limited stock of everything, we cannot guarantee what items will be available. There will be some items on the website that will not be available to shop at the event.

This event will have security on site, so please be respectful of the staff and other patrons. At this time, we cannot allow pets to come to our location.


What are the deals?

We are trying to clear out space in our warehouse for Summer so EVERYTHING at the event will be incredibly discounted! You will get extra discounts on buying certain items in bulk as well. 

Can I use coupon codes?

Everything at the event is already discount-applied, we assure you that everything at the event will be cheaper than if it were online and using any codes we have. Coupons cannot be applied in addition to your transaction.

What are payment terms?

We accept cash or credit card, please do not use a check. All transactions are final sale. Some items will be labelled as "slightly imperfect" when purchasing, so please make sure to look over your items prior to purchasing.  Nothing should affect overall quality or use of any of the items, but it allows us to offer them at an insane deal to you!

Is there handicapped parking? 

The event will be outside in our parking lot. There are no steps needed, as there is a slight decline into our driveway. The closest handicapped parking will be on the street, but everything is within walking distance!

Can we bring guests?

Yes, absolutely!

Can we bring children?

Yes, supervised please.

Can we bring pets? 


Other than the deals, anything else we need to know?

There's going to be food, drink, and a DJ! Due to the nature of our sale, we cannot allow people in our building, so please make sure you plan your bathroom break before or after your visit to us :) And most importantly, GET READY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!!

Anything else we missed?

Email us back if you have any other questions or you can text ONEFEST to 84934 to speak to a live agent!