We've Got Masks For Every Occasion!

Face masks have become our new normal. And they're doing two very important jobs -- helping stop the spread of COVID-19, and helping everyone show off their personal sense of style! If you're like us, you've probably been racking up a collection of masks so you can keep them washed and in rotation. But what are the best designs to wear to the places you go most often? Let us help with a few suggestions:

1. For the grocery store

This Old Bay seafood mask is sure to remind you to pick up something good for dinner! If your pantry is a little light on Old Bay -- heaven forbid -- you'll remember to stock up on that, too. 

2. For picking up takeout

We know you're still doing your part to support local Maryland restaurants and cafes! When you're sitting by the curb waiting for your tasty treat, put on this mask that features an iconic Maryland brand. Even during a pandemic, you can live pleasantly.

3. For a stroll in the neighborhood

Getting fresh air is essential! Are you taking walks around your neighborhood or in your local parks? Sprinkle a little Maryland pride everywhere you walk with this fun Old Bay mask. 

4. For the outdoor market

Maryland has some great farm stands and outdoor markets! If you're planning to take advantage of them for local produce and delicious baked goods, don't forget your mask. This classic Maryland flag one is ideal! 

5. For a waiting room visit

If you've still got to go in for a doctor's appointment, having your mask is especially important. This one's a great reminder to stay Maryland strong! Don't forget to follow all the guidelines and take good care of yourself. 

6. For taking your dog for a walk

Your pup is probably as tired of being indoors as you are! Get out and enjoy the next nice day by taking your pooch for an extra-long walk, and make your outfit even more dog lover-approved by adding this Maryland flag paw print mask.

7. For doing a neighbor a favor

If you have a neighbor who could use a little assistance (like a parent with small kids or an elderly person), why not go pick up some groceries or grab the mail? Be sure to wear this mask to keep everyone safe, and to let your neighbors know that you're always around to say 'hey, hon'!

8. For your Instagram selfies

Admit it -- you've considered buying a mask solely because you've thought about how good you'll look in it! This is definitely the one to keep the likes rolling in (after all, who doesn't love the Old Bay packaging?). And you'll be the model of smart pandemic living, too. 


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