Ways to wear your MD pride this Halloween

Is there anything better than getting to dress up for Halloween? Whether you want to creep out all of your friends, show off your best assets or make everybody laugh with a clever costume, dressing up is always a lot of fun. We here at Route One Apparel -- as well as a few of our amazingly creative fans! -- have some ideas for potential Halloween costumes. And we're not talking just ANY Halloween costumes, but the best kind -- the kind that show off your Maryland pride! 

Maryland Witch (thanks to Josey Simpson!)

We are obsessed with this perfectly Maryland spin on the classic witch look! No doubt that cauldron is full of best imaginable brew -- some Maryland crab soup. Steal this look by adding crabby stickers to a witch's hat and plastic cauldron, and maybe throw on a scarf as well. And you can't forget the crab mallet! Josey, your look is downright spellbinding.

Maryland Ninja Crab

It couldn't be simpler to get this casual-yet-nostalgic look! All you'll need is one of our Maryland Ninja Crab shirts and a red crab claw koozie. You'll look like something right out of the Saturday morning cartoons, but better -- because you'll be completely Maryland themed. (And you'll never have to worry about your drink getting warm at your Halloween party!)

Maryland Horror Movie

Keep things extra creepy -- without having to do much work! We've got a great shirt with a mock Maryland horror movie (The Maryland Crabclaw Massacre, of course!) that's sure to fit in at any Halloween party. Will there be any survivors? Who knows? (This is also a great option for those who can wear T-shirts to work to celebrate Halloween!)

Ultimate Marylander (thanks to Abraham Schuman!)

We are just blown away by how MUCH Maryland is included in this single look! It's made even better by the inclusion of an Old Bay holster (seriously, who DOESN'T need an Old Bay holster in their day-to-day life?). Stay warm on a chilly autumn night in Maryland with a R1A hat, and a big, bold vintage-style shirt will definitely get the message across. With a look like this, more is more. Thanks for sharing, Abraham! 

 Creepy Crabs!


It's time to get spooky -- but you don't have to sacrifice your Maryland pride when you're filled with the Halloween spirit! This skull crab shirt is as Halloween as it gets, but the sheer number of crabs on this thing makes it perfectly clear that you're a proud resident of the Old Line state. Pair it with some Maryland flag shoes and you're ready for the Halloween bar crawl or house party! 

Day of the Crab

Who says Halloween has to be scary? Celebrate the Day of the Dead with this beautifully-colored sugar skull crab shirt. Pair it with a cardigan and a pair of jeans (and maybe some R1A sunglasses, too!) for a comfy, casual, yet seasonally-perfect look. Perfect for a party, a bonfire or even work the next day!

Couple's Costume: Old Bay and Crab (thanks to Julia Josephine Garcia Skrabacz!)

You and your old bae could, quite literally become Old Bay--and a crab to match! Everybody loves a good couple's costume, and there is truly nothing more Maryland than this combo. If you've got the dedication that these two do, you can truly be the toast of your next Halloween shindig -- just be wary of how hungry you'll make the other guests! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Did you come up with a Maryland-themed Halloween costume for this year? Be sure to share with us on social media! 

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