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Unusual Maryland Symbols

Eva Niessner

Unusual Maryland Symbols

There are some official Maryland state symbols that we all know well. Any Marylander worth their salt (or Old Bay) knows that the Baltimore Oriole is the state bird, and that the Black-Eyed Susan is the state flower. But this state has a LOT of symbols -- like, a lot of them. And you might not have realized they were so specific. The Maryland State Archives list all kinds of neat symbols and their info, such as...

Our state exercise is walking

This is not to be confused with our state sport, which is jousting! Walking was established as our state exercise due to its many health benefits (everything from cardiovascular health to mental health is affected by walking regularly). And there are plenty of trails and paths here in Maryland to go walking.

Ready to go for a walk of your own? We've got active wear!

Our state dessert is the Smith Island Cake

Who wants a slice of Smith Island cake? Um, everyone! Traditionally, this local dessert is made of many layers of yellow cake separated by chocolate frosting. Now that's the perfect compromise for anyone who can't decide between chocolate and vanilla. 

Wash down your tasty slice of Smith Island cake with our drinkware! 

Our state drink is milk

Got milk? Yes, Marylanders do -- it's our state drink. There are many dairy farms here in Maryland, so it makes sense that we'd recognize milk this way. According to the Maryland State Archives, Frederick County actually produces a third of the milk drunk here in Maryland. Thank a cow today! 

We know you've got milk in the kitchen, but we can help supply you with other kitchenware.

Our state tree is the white oak

The beautiful white oak is easy to find here in Maryland! The most famous specimen was the Wye Oak in Talbot County, which was believed to be around 500 years old before finally being killed in a thunderstorm in 2002. But not all is lost! A new white oak grows from the stump. Maybe one day it'll live 500 years, too. 

Planning to visit Wye Oak State Park for a picnic? Don't forget your cooler! 

Our state cat is the calico

Here, kitty kitty! The calico cat has the same striking colors as the Maryland flag -- white, black, and reddish-orange (hey, it's close enough). These distinctive cats are almost always female due to the genes that give them their unique coloration. No research on whether they also prefer crab-flavored cat food yet. 


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