Things To Do With Kids On A Snow Day

We're well into winter now, and that means inevitable snow days! If you're in a house with kids, you might be dreading those announcements that school is closed -- it's hard to keep kids occupied for so long. (And you probably don't want to just park them in front of the TV for hours, right?) Don't worry -- we've got some activities that you and the kiddos will all equally enjoy!

Snow Cones: Why not make a snow cone with real snow? Have the kids make snowballs (be sure to use clean, fresh snow -- nobody wants to eat a dirty snow cone!) while you make the syrup. It's really easy and nice and cheap, too -- literally just water, sugar and Kool-Aid in whatever flavor you chose. Here's the recipe. (May we suggest orange for the O's and grape for the Ravens?)

Crab Shuffle: You don't have to be at a ball game to do this one! All you need are three bowls and a small object, like a ping-pong ball or a marble. Put that object under one bowl and shuffle the three of them around -- if the kiddos pick the right one, they win! 

Hot Cocoa: Who doesn't love a nice cup of hot cocoa on a snow day? Pile it high with marshmallows or add other fancy fixin's like caramel drizzle or chocolate syrup. (True fact -- it tastes better when drunk from a Route One Apparel mug!)

Teach the kids to knit: Knitting is an easy-to-learn hobby that will keep them busy way past this one snow day! (And soon, they'll be able to make some Maryland flag-colored crafts of their very own!) If you want to learn along with them, there are some easy online tutorials.

Make A Buck: If you have neighbors that could use a helping hand, why not encourage the kids to offer to shovel their driveway or walkway? Now that's a win-win! Be sure to bundle them up beforehand in coats, hats and sweatshirts before turning them loose!


Karaoke: There are dozens of karaoke versions of popular songs on YouTube! See which of the kids knows the words to Don't Stop Believing -- or, at the very least, who can mess up the least. 

Footprint Identifying: Has some critter run through the snow? You and the kids can play detective! If you have an old-fashioned scout field guide, use it to identify which animals or birds have come visiting your backyard, but using an app or website is just as good! You never know who's been around to say hello.

Introduce Them To Poe: Sure, the kids might know who the Ravens are, but do they know the man who wrote "The Raven"? On a cold and dark day, there's nothing better than reading some poe-try to the little ones, especially if they like spooky things like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline. 

How do you spend time with kids on a snow day? Let us know on social media!



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