The R1A Guide To A Lazy Halloween Costume

It's happened to all of us -- we need a Halloween costume, quick. Maybe you got invited to an outing last-minute, or maybe you've just been putting it off for like, forever. Or maybe you've just been busy and you don't have the energy to come up with a Halloween costume that looks like it came off a Hollywood set. That's okay! We've got plenty of things you can wear to come through at your Halloween bash, with the minimum amount of effort necessary.

Maryland Witch

This one will come together in a snap. Just wear this cute graphic tee over a black dress or with a black skirt, and boom! Maryland witch. All you'll need to do over that is top a witch hat on top, and maybe a little eyeliner if you're feeling particularly fancy. You'll have the perfect excuse to steal all the crab dip at the party -- that's just what Maryland witches do.

Football Bird

Wiggle your way into this bodysuit, and you're going to be ready to go out on the town. Sure, you could always dress up as a football player, but that's been played out, and this is something fresh and new but still fun for any sports fan who wants to get into a costume in a hurry. Trust us, this look is sure to score you a touchdown at any party!

Baltimore Zombie

A little makeup is all you need to add to this shirt to get your Baltimore zombie look just right. Put on this creepy tee, then give yourself an undead makeover -- this is a great and quick tutorial for zombie face makeup that even the laziest ghoul will be able to follow easily. Before you know it, you'll be out on the streets, looking for brains on the streets of B'more.

Crabby Skull

This skull-themed crab shirt is already creepy on its own, but if you add a quick black and white skull facepaint, you'll be ready to give everyone the creeps, and no one has to know it only took you around ten minutes. Just open up Pinterest and look for your favorite skull design -- this guide shows how simple it can be. Boo! Now go eat some crab cakes and put some meat on those bones. 

Mr. Boh

This one's super easy. All you'll need to do is slap on this sweater, stick a fake mustache on under your nose, and part your hair just so. Ta-da! You've just become one of the most recognizable symbols of Maryland culture in less time than it takes to check your Instagram feed. (And if you see that cutie dressed as the Utz chip girl, go chat her up!)


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