Springtime in Maryland: Things to Do

When the weather in Maryland finally decides to cooperate (and it's been a roller coaster this year--but what else is new?), the things that can be done outdoors are pretty much unlimited. Sure, we all love sitting in front of the TV watching reruns (especially if we've got a bag of Utz crab chips in front of us), but now is the time to go out and play! Whether you're a fitness freak or a relative newbie, there are so many great ways to enjoy the spring weather. Such as...


  • Canoeing and kayaking. You don't have to be an experienced sailor to learn how to paddle a canoe or a kayak! Check out the map provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources--there are waterways near just about all of us, no matter where in the state you are. Be sure to follow the designated water trails, and always follow the proper safety measures (like wearing a life vest!). 

(Image via Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

  • Walking. If you're not feeling quite ambitious enough to jog or run, no shade. There are some really fantastic places to go for leisurely walks all over Maryland! TrailLink has a guide to finding trails near you, organized by length and surface type--you can even choose the best trails for bringing your dog along to walk with you. 
  • Camping. There are so many places to camp in Maryland, whether you're experienced or a camping buff! If you want the super-Maryland experience, you could always opt for the Assateague campsite. Bring a tent, a trailer or an RV and watch the ponies.

(Photo via National Park Service of Maryland)

  • Bird-watching. We promise it's not just for old people! If you're a nature buff, you know that there's some really cool native fauna here in Maryland. When you're not watching the Orioles and Ravens, you can head outside and spy on owls, ospreys and woodpeckers.
  • Birds-watching. Look, we wouldn't forget to bring up the fact it's baseball season. When the weather's this nice, there's no excuse for not going to at least one O's game this spring. Get your tickets here
  • Hiking. You might not be ready to take on the entire Appalachian trail, but there are some simpler hikes that will reward you will gorgeous views and fresh air. As with just about every activity on this list, there are close hiking trails just about everywhere in the state, from Civil War trails to fantasy-novel worthy waterfalls. 
  • Swimming. Nothing wrong with jumping in the pool, but there are some awesome lakes and rivers to take a dip in--and that's not counting, you know, the entire Atlantic ocean just to the east. Take a day off and cool down at Greenbrier State Park's man-made lake, or Betterton Beach in Kent County. 





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